Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The University of Seven Oaks

The University of Seven Oaks "Majors" in FUN!
  • snow ski
  • snowboard
  • snow tube
  • paintball
  • tent camp
  • hiking
  • daily mt bike riding
  • mt bike races
  • full service canoe float
  • full service kayak float
  • full service tube float
  • you-haul tubes
  • friday after five
  • facilities rentals for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, retirement parties, birthday parties, corporate meetings, corporate outings, trade shows, graduation parties, and.....

Getting ready for todays school group this morning from Nevada. Groomed before the storm yesterday as temps dropped and grooming again this morning.

We open at 4 this afternoon. Looks like it will be a lot nicer today and tonite than yesterday. Wow what a day it was yesterday. More snow in the five day forecast on two days. This weekend's temps look to be sweet.

Keep it White......


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about putting in lockers for people to store their stuff in? How about season lockers that you pay one price for and rent for the season, no more hauling your equipment back and forth.....

Seven Oaks said...

In fact we has been the issue.....but if we can get an addition to the lodge built this summer (which we hope to), lockers are in the plan. Great minds think alike!