Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are you in a church group? on......

Another new incentive being offered this year for church groups is this.........besides our published group rates.......and beyond our published evening rates that begin at 4 pm........this year church groups can get those reduced prices ONE HOUR EARLIER on Sunday afternoon. Yep, bring the church group at 3:00 pm to start your evening of fun on the snow! Hope this helps some of you.

Friday night is our October Friday after Five in the Lodge.........and it seems with the temps being called for on friday night the action WILL be IN the lodge and not so much on the patio........but WOW with these temps dropping it really feels like winter is approaching doesn't it!

Have had a few of you respond on the colors you would like to see in our Seven Oaks shirts and sweatshirts this winter........appreciate it...........any more of you have a preference?

Staff has been busy giving a few walls fresh coats of paint this week .........looks good.

And the paintball groups are really hoppin now with the cooler temps too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ten kidding

We have created a NEW special for this coming winter........just ten bucks will get you a lift ticket to ski or snowboard on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4 to 9 pm.

The snow and conditions are going to be just as great on those evenings as any other......we groom daily.........and if you are remotely close to Seven Oaks, we don't think you can beat four or five hours on the snow for just TEN BUCKS. We are serious about making sure winter recreation is affordable and available for everyone!

The new season is just around the corner........can't wait........although with this unseasonably warm Sunday it is pretty nice so I am signing off and going outdoors........

Til then, think snow!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got your Christmas shopping done?

Geez, yesterday we were only three months from Christmas Day.........and last week we officially left summer...........yep, we will soon be riding, skiing and tubing. Only 22 days til our annual swap and season pass sale. A gift certificate might be the perfect gift for someone in your family.......and if it is, October 18 is the day to come to Seven Oaks to get the discounted season pass or browse thru the lodge looking at all the new equipment that might just be the right equipment to purchase for a gift...........shoot, maybe you deserve to buy your own board or skis??

We recently sent out one of our Seven Oaks E-news that had a question worth repeating on the blog. As we get close to ordering our clothing is there a color or are there colors you want us to consider this year? Let us know.....soon.

Groomer - ready for winter
CTEC chairlift - ready for winter
All snow making guns - ready for winter
Riblet chairlift - 80% ready for winter
Snowtubing - 50% ready for winter
Rental shop - 30% ready for winter
Me - 99% ready for winter..........I'm ready to groom!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's a Dragoon River Romp? Read On

The annual Dragoon River Romp started on Saturday September 19 with volunteers......143 of them.......registering at the Lodge at Seven Oaks before proceeding to the river to spend the morning picking up after others. Believe it or Not, two years ago the Romp cleaned the same section of river that was cleaned this year...........but still collected 4.5 TONS of litter from the river banks, the sand bars and the water itself..........Simply amazing isn't it that we as a society don't care enough to avoid scarring mother nature. After all the education that has taken place for years......people still do it. And this is in addition to what Seven Oaks staff picks up, especially at the boat ramps, all summer long.

I suppose in reality some of the litter is coming from those who enjoy the river thru our full service canoe, kayak or tube floats.......but hey, I don't think any of them had with them the 22 tires that were retrieved, or the two appliances or even the car battery. Yep, that was among the trash that was picked up.

It was a beautiful day for the event and it finished with a meal at the lodge along with prizes and recognition of those who put so much effort in putting it together each year. Maybe you would like to volunteer next year.

Here are a couple pics taken that day.

Thanks to each of the volunteers.......

And thanks to all the event coordinators.......

And thanks to the Seven Oaks staff........

A couple quick reminders.........FAF is October 2 in the lodge with live music by Larry Myer, food from Grand Times and beer tasting hosted by Olde Main Brewery ................and Sunday, October 18 is the annual Season Pass Sale and Swap. There will be more new equipment than ever before brought in for this one day event...priced to sell.......Hope to see you there........

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What a gorgeous weekend we had over Labor Day........let me share with you all that was going on at Seven Oaks.

It all started Friday night with about 200 attending our first friday of the month Friday after Five. Then ........over the next three days we had right at 500 people on the river enjoying tubing, canoeing and kayaking. There were also lots of folks in the was sweeet for camping too.

On Saturday the lawn all around both chair lift bases was really covered.......with tents, campers, cars and people as the Seventh Annual 24-Hour Mountain Bike Race started at noon. Then at 5:30 pm a wedding reception consisting of about 260 occupied the lodge and the patio for their great party.

Saturday night at midnight was the traditional hour long chairlift rides and pasta feed for all the bikers and their support teams. Breakfast at 7 am for the bikers.........and the race finished at noon on Sunday........followed by the awards ceremony in the lodge.

People were coming and going all weekend and I didn't know if I was coming or going! But it was fantastic, the weather as said before was perfect, everyone had a good time and the Seven Oaks staff did a wonderful job facilitating it all.

Check out our new ski page with changing pics..........I think Joel's intent is to add pics to each page. I like it.

We still have several more paintball groups on the books for this month - one is a group of 50 Marines.....and a lot more wedding receptions in the Lodge too. A variety of other meetings and meals are scheduled as it looks like we'll remain busy. Our full service river floats will continue thru September and October. Several of the staff are going to start sneaking out for some days off as we get in the slightly slower period and before we get into the full swing of winter.

Remember the season pass sale and swap is Sunday October 18 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Enjoy the balance of the summer and fall..........we'll be making snow before you know it. Can't's my favorite. Oh yeah, just to clarify.....that was ole man Rick doing the parasailing!