Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What a gorgeous weekend we had over Labor Day........let me share with you all that was going on at Seven Oaks.

It all started Friday night with about 200 attending our first friday of the month Friday after Five. Then ........over the next three days we had right at 500 people on the river enjoying tubing, canoeing and kayaking. There were also lots of folks in the was sweeet for camping too.

On Saturday the lawn all around both chair lift bases was really covered.......with tents, campers, cars and people as the Seventh Annual 24-Hour Mountain Bike Race started at noon. Then at 5:30 pm a wedding reception consisting of about 260 occupied the lodge and the patio for their great party.

Saturday night at midnight was the traditional hour long chairlift rides and pasta feed for all the bikers and their support teams. Breakfast at 7 am for the bikers.........and the race finished at noon on Sunday........followed by the awards ceremony in the lodge.

People were coming and going all weekend and I didn't know if I was coming or going! But it was fantastic, the weather as said before was perfect, everyone had a good time and the Seven Oaks staff did a wonderful job facilitating it all.

Check out our new ski page with changing pics..........I think Joel's intent is to add pics to each page. I like it.

We still have several more paintball groups on the books for this month - one is a group of 50 Marines.....and a lot more wedding receptions in the Lodge too. A variety of other meetings and meals are scheduled as it looks like we'll remain busy. Our full service river floats will continue thru September and October. Several of the staff are going to start sneaking out for some days off as we get in the slightly slower period and before we get into the full swing of winter.

Remember the season pass sale and swap is Sunday October 18 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Enjoy the balance of the summer and fall..........we'll be making snow before you know it. Can't's my favorite. Oh yeah, just to clarify.....that was ole man Rick doing the parasailing!


Vince Driscoll said...

Rick, sorry i missed the party. i was looking forward to going.

Seven Oaks said...

........and Vince, we have tried and tried to get the video of the pond skim form the guy that has it with no i would say it isn't going to happen.......unless.........