Friday, June 29, 2012

Seems Americans are getting more serious

From what I hear and what I read, Americans are getting more serious by the day regarding getting their weight under control.  The Governor wants Iowa to be the most healthy state in the USA, people are more conscientious about the fat and calorie content of food and people are exercising more.  I would have to say some of the healthiest Iowans we see are those who have a passion for it is mountain biking.  I am sure the muscles are toned and the calories are burning quickly when they tackle our seven plus miles of single track trails on property.  By the same token a lot of folks are seen walking our trails as well............still getting exercise and enjoying the serene natural setting of our timbered property. Some day we need to walk or ride the trail with a GPS to capture the cumulative vertical climbs one rides or walks on the trail system.

 Another great attraction in Boone County is the High Trestle Trail Bridge that spans the Des Moines River between Madrid and Woodward.  This bridge is equivalent to 13 stories above the river and is over one half mile long.  A very popular NEW attraction to our area.  So if you want to burn some calories, even if it is a mountain bike that you have just rode on the trails at Seven Oaks......or regardless of what activity you just finished at Seven Oaks.....take a road headed south of us and get on the trail in either Madrid or Woodward and experience an easier trail that will take you to the High Trestle Trail Bridge.  You will be glad you did.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For the Day or For the Weekend

We see a lot of visitors at Seven Oaks  from  all over the state of Iowa as well as our bordering states.............a lot come for the day but a lot also come for a weekend of fun and relaxation.  Of course this time of year a lot of folks are tent camping at Seven Oaks before or after their full service river float.  In the winter we see several ski, snowboard or snow tube for two or three days...........not many camping during those months but instead stay at one of the partner hotels of Seven Oaks.  The hotel we have partnered with for the longest period of time is the Baymont Inn and fact I just spent an overnight there last week.......and yes I took advantage of the pool and hot tub....they are located just a couple miles away from Seven Oaks.

But with that said I wanted to mention here that there are a lot of interesting things to do when you come to Boone County. Make a week of it or a weekend..........recreate at Seven Oaks and take a ride on one of the train rides offered by The Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad.  You will find has all the information you will probably need about their variety of rides and the new museum as well.  You might be at The Lodge at Seven Oaks attending one of the many class reunions or wedding before you make the drive home be sure to check out the train rides when you are here. 

I plan to highlight some more of the many attractions in Boone County in upcoming, racing, wineries, bridges, bike trails, parks, group much to see here.

As you can well imagine we are really busy with this current heat wave............not just today and tomorrow but a lot of reservations being made for this weekend and Independence Day too.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Makin a Plug"

I wanted to make a "plug" for a couple friends that have started a new business in Oskaloosa.  This doesn't really tie into what Seven Oaks offers for recreation........but it is a popular item in many circles.......and they are friends with a new business.

Shakaya's Leather and Gun Works was started by Bill and Mary Carman.  They make hand crafted custom holsters and they offer a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship.  If you have an interest you can check them out at

I might as well plug river floats real quick as the temps are going to be hot hot hot this week and perfect for a cool cool cool canoe, kayak or river tube float.........we'ld love to have ya visit us.

Saturday, June 23, 2012 bad!

A couple weeks ago, I put the wrong date in the Seven Oaks E News blast for the annual car and tractor bad........BUT here is the real and accurate information:

The Seven Oaks Annual Motor Show will be held Friday July 27 from 5 to 9 pm.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles........street legal vehicles only........and tractors will be on display.  A plaque will be given to the first 100 vehicles.........and.....NEW this year........we will be having the Peoples Choice Awards.......every person will be given two for their vote of the best car, truck or motorcycle and one ballot for their favorite tractor.......

.......and wait there is chairlift rides from 6 to 7 will be available and Coal Creek Lounge will be serving cold drinks. 

.....a big thank you to John Tuttle for doing most of the leg work and organization of this fun event.

The gang is busy with river floats today.  The radar looked a little intimidating but the precip largely disappeared as it got closer to Seven virtually everyone that had reservations are on, or going on their floats.......with more being added ......

........ and I am in Oskaloosa with the three five-year-old grand daughters......yesterday was the Blank Zoo, make pizzas and perform a dance recital for grandpa and grandma.  Today so far has been a childrens book signing and now crafts.......later swimming.......then a movie.........yep we are going to do it all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

95 and 194

 It was 95 degrees yesterday...........perfect float day..........when the 194 students from Cedar Rapids did the Seven Oaks tube float!  What a GREAT group of young people.........and what a GREAT time they had!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something Like This

Phone:  "Ring"
Us: This is Seven Oaks, how can we help you?
Caller:  I have a group of 180 that want to go river tubing.....can you handle it?
Us: We got you covered.  Looking forward to it.

Couple days later........

Caller:  We need to change our group numbers for the river tube float for 180.  Are you okay with that?
Us:  What is the change?
Caller: We now need 192 tubes for our group.
Us: That's great.........we still gotcha covered. 

In a to follow early next week.........stay tuned.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another busy one.......but love it......

Tomorrow's wedding and wedding reception in the lodge are doing their decorating in now......looks really good by the way.......and their rehearsal is in the lodge tonight........what's really cool about the wedding is that the bride and her dad are making their entrance to the outdoor wedding on horseback.....unique and so Seven Oaks..........

....several mountain bikers on the trails riding today, people are streaming into the campground to get their tents and sites set up for the weekend, we have a scout troop canoeing and other sun and fun lovers are on the river tubing, kayaking and canoeing........have a corporate group on the water now and they will have a Seven Oaks catered meal at 1 pm then they are playing volleyball.........and the phone is pretty active too.........

........oh and I almost forgot that there is a fishing tournament this weekend and several people with nice bass boats are camping here as well..........

......definitely going to be a busy weekend but we expected it with the forecast calling for sunshine and in the 90's all three days........

.......and get this...........this coming Monday we have 180 river tubers going out together in a single group.......that's going to be awesome........we have to get pics........

.....Tuesday is another meeting in the lodge with catered meal.........

.....Come and join in on the fun when you can........