Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Holiday Season Hrs & Late Nite

*Today is Monday, New Years Eve Day - December 31 and we open at 10 am and close at 6 pm. I really hope everyone will be safe and smart tonight. Happy New Year everyone!

*Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week (that would be January 1, 2, 3, 2008) our hours are 10 am to 6 pm.
*Friday January 4, 2008 we are open from 10 am to 9 pm.

*After that we are on our regular winter hours. When in doubt check our calendar!

Our first Late Nite is this Saturday Nite January 5, 2008. We reopen at 9:30 pm and play until 1:00 am. Yep, your season pass gets you in free.

Keep it White and enjoy these pics. Anybody know these shredders??

Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday after Five

Friday, December 28 and we open at 10 am this morning with closing time at 9 pm. And our Friday after Five is tonite as well.

We are getting the snow that was predicted. Great to get another fresh layer. I will sign off with a couple more photos from last weekend.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Learning to ski and ride

Thursday, December 27 and our hours today are open at 10 am and close at 6 pm

When and Where did you learn to ski or snowboard? At Seven Oaks, the mini lessons are free and the School Yard is a large area with just the right slope. All the Seven Oaks instructors wear yellow "instructor arm bands" which makes them more visible. Never hesitate to ask them for assistance.
Here are a couple photos of people learning to ski this past Sunday. By the way, mom thought the skis were easier than the board!

And when you are a former ski instructor at a sister area, like in this photo, teaching someone else is a snap! Kinda like riding a bike, you just don't seem to ever forget.

Then after you have got it down, you can take it up, like this shot provided by Ryan. thanks for the photo and if anyone else wants to send their shots we will see if we can get them worked into the blog as well.

Keep it White........more snow in the forecast for tonite and friday morning!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope you had a Merry Christmas

Most of the gifts have been opened now so those of you getting new boards and skis are probably anxious to try them out.

We open today at 10 am and go to 6 pm.

Everything was groomed last night and ....and it started snowing at Seven Oaks at 7:30 this morning and still is......and it is not snow from the guns either.

Looks to be a beautiful day for spending time on the snow.

Here are a couple pics from this past weekend of families having fun at Seven Oaks. Snow was Great Sunday too!

Ride Smart and Keep it White!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Best Ever and Merry Christmas

Comments received all weekend were that the park was set up the best it had ever been designed. We will keep adding (got three more features to get out) and we are going to make the table top a little less before you hit the landing.
Missed all the snow Saturday so we made great powder ourselves Saturday night and Sunday night. The warm weather Thursday and Friday with FOG made it tough to keep the trails in the condition both you and we like but with all the grooming, over and over, then the freshly made snow.....everyone who visited over the weekend said it was still very good snow. We want the best for YOU.
We are closed today, Christmas Eve Day and tomorrow, Christmas Day but will open Wednesday December 26 at 10 am. Looks like great weather all week and a couple chances for snow!
Did you know if you get a snowboard package (lift and rental), later in the day you can change once to skis and at 4 pm you can snowtube........all for the one price of the snowboard rental package!
Took some neat family photos Sunday, will try to get them on our web very soon and I will use a couple in the blog.
Merry Christmas Everyone and we will see you on WEDNESDAY!

Friday, December 21, 2007

London Fog

Fog rolled in at about 7 pm then broke up a little and is breaking up this morning. Made setting up the park last night a bit strange but got it done and everyone was out of here by 11:30. Will include a couple pics on todays blog once the fog lifts and we can get a decent shot or two.

Two schools here today for ski and tube, then open for ski and ride at 4, then Friday after Five at 5, then tubing opens at it's gonna be another busy day.

Still need a stocking stuffer or straight up Christmas gift for someone???? A Seven Oaks Gift Certificate is a popular item as it can be used for skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding, canoeing, kayaking, river tubing or paintball. Even tho there are only four shopping days left, there is still time to get er done!

Looks like we are going to get more snow tomorrow for a while. Awesome, unbelievable, great!

see you on the slopes

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Working Tonight on the Park

Several employees and regular riders are coming out tonite to help design and set up the park. All the snow needs pushed out and hits created as well. If you stop by we will listen to your input .......but can't guarantee we will all agree with your ideas. Too warm last night to make more snow but looks like Saturday night will be cold enough.

Open tomorrow night at 4 pm..........and Friday after Five starts at ........well........5 !

See you on the slopes

oh, yeah, looks like the freezing rain followed by snow is going to be south of us.....maybe even south of Iowa.........that's okay .....we'll make more.

Keep it white until next time

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Now not just White but Deeper

Made more snow on Kenzies Korner last night til the Christmas Party was done tubing then moved four of the guns to tubing where they are still running this morning. Groomed everything last night.....except Kenzie's Korner. Gonna push out Kenzies Korner on Thursday night, build more jumps and set the rest of the features in the park.

Large group of school kids from South Hamilton arrive at 9:30 this morning for a day of skiing. Looks like they will have a beautiful day. Then two more schools on Friday.

Weatherman talks like more snow on Friday night and Saturday. Hey, we'll take it!

Make sure you comment to our great snowmaking crew......they have stayed up all night....night after night making great powder.....Twig, Catfish, Joe, Snow, Steve, Shrek and Joel.

We are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas this Friday at four pm.

Keep it white.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It Snowed On Kenzie's Korner Yesterday!

Not much doubt this trail will be open Friday night!

Keep it White and see you on the slopes.

Monday, December 17, 2007


WOW, what a great weekend. It was awesome to see so many of you for the first time this season and to meet a whole lot more of you that were visiting Seven Oaks for the first time!

Shut down snowmaking Friday night and then started pushing huge piles of powder. Got Central Park opened and groomed out by 2 AM Saturday morning. Put in a couple of pretty small hits and started adding rails. We will build the hits bigger as the season progresses but everyone needs to start small and slow at the beginning of the season.

Guns got turned on last night at about 6 pm or so and are still producing as of five minutes ago. For sure there is enough made last night (got cold!) to open Kenzie's Korner and Rail Yard this week, with more hits and features.

Have schools here Wednesday and Friday - according to the weather forecast they should have PERFECT ski conditions - low 30's, sunshine and lots of snow.

Keep it white and we will see you on the slopes when we open Friday night. Remember to check out Holiday Season calendar (on our web) for hours and days during the Christmas/New Years time period.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cool Comments From You Guys

Getting lots of cool comments in the blog from you and we appreciate it. It really gets the Seven Oaks staff pumped to do more and do it better and better.

Here's a quick photo of the Seven Oaks Team attending the summer MSAA meetings and trade show where we attend a bunch of industry-related seminars to learn about current trends in the industry, etc. you thought I was gonna put in a pic of todays snow.........nope......gotta come this weekend to see it yourself!

Wanted to make sure everyone remembers we are rapidly approaching our Holiday Season - - starting December 26 thru January 6 we are open daily. Be sure to check our calendar for the operating hours cause we change them a little bit.

Made good snow all night, will continue to make more today and more tonite.........and it looks for sure that the terrain park, at least Central Park, will be open Saturday morning at 10 am. Rails, boxes AND WE WILL get a minimum of one kicker built....going for two.

Open at 4 pm today (Drop Zone is ready to go and Freeway is bigger than last week), Friday after Five and two Christmas parties tonite.

Keep it white and play safe!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow making stopped at 4 am this morning but...

.....there was a whole lot more made and the weather forecast has good temps again tonite and into the immediate future.

Did you know Fun Valley Ski Area closed, so their National Ski Patrol is going to join the Seven Oaks Ski Patrol. Also six Patrollers from Kansas City will be patrolling the Seven Oaks slopes this winter as well.

Did you know Seven Oaks bought the triple seat chair lift from Fun Valley and is moving it to Seven Oaks for install next summer?

That will be another huge improvement for all of us!

think white, see you tomorrow night - open at 4 pm.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Got some - Made some more

Yesterdays system dropped about 2" of snow before it moved out of our area. Got the guns running about 6 pm and they are still running as this is written. Drop Zone and Freeway are getting wider, deeper and whiter. Moved guns to Central Park this morning.

Nevada Schools are the first school for the season to get on the slopes at about 9 am this morning. Hope they like the new shaped skis. If you are still in school and yours doesn't do a winter trip to Seven Oaks, put a bug in someone's ear. When you learn to ski you are learning a sport for life.

You can save a lot of time at the ticket window by going on line right here on our web site and pre-printing/pre-signing the release.

And thanks for the compliments Freeski. I think we do have more snow than ever pre Christmas. Winter 2000-01, we saw a lot of natural snow but we couldn't make as much as we have this season. Let's keep a good thing going!

Looking forward to seeing everybody on the slopes this weekend. We open at 4 pm Friday.

Think White

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter storm here and there

I know a lot of our patrons around Des Moines and surrounding areas, especially south are getting sleet and freezing rain from last night's and todays storm but fyi - Seven Oaks so far is getting snow. Let's keep it that way!

Temps and humidity caused snowmaking to halt at midnight last night - after about 17 hours of making. Have enough made to open the Drop Zone for this coming weekend.

Comment on the blog was "forget the tubing , more snow on ski-able terrain". My reply is we are trying to do both and in fact are having success in doing so. Committed to having some tubing lanes open for the scheduled Birthday and Christmas parties so we got two of three open Saturday - then we opened the Freeway on Sunday. Added the rainbow rail to Abbys Alley Sunday and we will put a few more features out for this weekend - probably at the bottom of Freeway.

Did you know we about doubled our pond size for more snowmaking water capacity?
Did you know we added 275 pair of shaped skis to our rental department this year?

Keep it white and see you on the slopes.....and here are a couple fresh pics from this morning. First one looking at Freeway and second looking at Drop Zone .

Monday, December 10, 2007

Awesome Weekend

Just finished our first full weekend and it was awesome. Lots of skiers, riders and tubers. Snow tubing opened with two lanes Saturday, the Freeway was opened Sunday as was Keaston Rope. This week we will make more snow on the Drop Zone so it's ready this coming Friday night and then we are going to make more snow on the Freeway so it is wider and deeper!

We have several Corporate Christmas Parties at the Lodge this week and weekend plus our first school group for the season making for a busy week.

Got the rainbow rail set yesterday on Abby's Alley along with a short box and a short rail.

More snow in the forecast for Tuesday.........ain't it great! Will try to get fresh pics posted this week.

See you on the slopes this weekend.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday After Five

Tonight we open for skiing and riding at 4 pm. So what's Friday After Five got to do with opening at 4 you ask.......nothing I answered. During the non-skiing months we open the lodge and Coal Creek Lounge on Fridays for a short menu and beverages and that will be continued addition to the skiing and riding.

Yesterday delivered just short of four fresh inches from the system that moved thru....this was while we had all the snow machines still running. Snow tubing looks to be ready to open on Saturday. see pic below

See you on the slopes or at Friday after Five!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Getting Whiter by the Hour

It's 8 am on Dec. 6 as this entry is being made and we have been making snow wide open, non stop since 4 am Dec 5 just pounding tubing to get it open this weekend as well as Abby's Alley and the School Yard to get more depth. After tubing is sufficiently covered we move the guns to the Freeway.......and we are predicted to get 4 or 5" from the system that is already in Iowa today! Isn't it Wonderful?!

The full time Seven Oaks staff (Joel, Steve, Ken and Shrek) conducted a four hour training session last night for employees so they are ready to serve you when we open the doors again Friday (tomorrow) at 4 pm. Be sure to check out our calendar on the web to KNOW what days and hours we are open during the upcoming Holiday Season.

Also did you see the article in this mornings Des Moines Register about Seven Oaks?

See you on the slopes - - - smart style makes sense -- start slow, get in shape before you hit it hard!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Time to get on with WINTER

What we are seeing for snow and temps kinda reminds me of the 2000-01 winter where we had early snow and lasted til March. Hope so, but time will tell. Opened last Sunday after postponing our opening day from Saturday - lots of sleet but the snow was GREAT on Sunday. We should get about 3 inches tomorrow and more this coming Saturday night! Guns are blasting snow as fast as they will churn too. Our goal is to open snow tubing this weekend. We open at 4 pm this Friday night! See you on the slopes!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Almost Gone BUT Not Forgotton!

in about 8 months we will be reversing the process!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is in the air

I know..... it has been a while again since I made a contribution. Things are still hoppin here as we transition from winter activities to the summer. Have the first 2007 group coming to paintball this Saturday AND our first wedding reception in the Lodge at Seven Oaks the same day.
We are adding to the fleet of canoes and buses this spring for our full service canoe/kayak/tube float business. If you have never been on a float I think you would really enjoy it....give it a try. You can make a reservation for anytime May 1 thru October and the earlier the better to make sure we have the equipment on the day you want to go. It is a popular summer activity!
Also a reminder that we are doing our normal Friday After Five in Coal Creek Lounge..... though we may take a few weeks off this spring .... we'll keep you posted on that.
Our Moto X race weekends are back to back.......last weekend of April for Moto X only and first weekend of May for Moto X and Quads! Lots of action those weekends.
See you at Seven Oaks!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ended the Season with a SPLASH

Been a while since I updated the here goes. With the temps what they are today and tomorrow following the temps we saw over the weekend, we will very PROBABLY NOT re open for any more riding or tubing this season.

It was a great year in spite of the great challenges mother nature presented. December - warm and no snow. January begins with rain on New Years Eve and New Years Day so closed then. Had the FRIGID temps weekend in February then more sleet, rain and ice in February followed by the two biggest snow falls of the season in back to back weeks. Ended Sunday March 11 with good conditions and 60 degrees. Thru it all we worked hard to give the best conditions possible and are proud of what we were able to do.
A big thanks to our season pass holders and all of you that came as individuals, families and groups to have fun at Seven Oaks this winter.

Another big thanks to the Great Seven Oaks Winter Staff (ski and tubing lift operators, food service staff, ski and board instructors, rental staff, bar staff, snow making staff), the Seven Oaks Ski Patrol for a successful winter.

And let me publicly thank Joel, Steve and Ken who make everything happen behind the scenes and put in soooo many hours to pull off a successful season.
Saturday was Halloween day and if you were on site you saw a big part of the staff in their Halloween costumes.
Then yesterday we were coerced into having our first ever Spring Splash! Here are some photos of the event.

We are looking forward to next winter but right now .....Paintball, Canoe, Kayak, River Tube, Tent Camping, Mountain bike riding, Mt bike races and Moto X are now on our minds. See you at Seven Oaks and thanks again for visiting us.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Opened on schedule at 10 this morning. Parking lot is filling up. Did not groom the Freeway or Drop Zone.....left it powder for you. Spent two hours digging out the tubing lift from about 3 to 4 feet of snow but it is open and in use now. Here are a couple pics. Remember the last Late Nite for this season is TONIGHT. Drive careful.......some roads are crappy!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did you miss me?

Haven't made an entry for a couple days. Spent the day Saturday (when we were closed due to the freezing rain) de-icing the chair lift and grooming all the trails just as soon as the freezing rain and sleet stopped and changed over to snow. Then Sunday we spent a lot of extra time moving the 9+ inches of new snow from the sidewalks and parking lot so we could open on schedule.....while grooming the center of each trail before we opened. Sorry - - did not get any pics Sunday but the 250+ people that were riding Sunday know just how awesome it was. Had a large corporate meeting use the lodge all day today with meals then on the snow at the end of the day for them.
But what I really want to comment on is two things:
  • BIG season end Late Niter planned for this Saturday night starting at 9:30 pm and ending at 1:00 am. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. The calendar tells us we are getting close to the end of this winter season so don't have regrets that you weren't on the snow enough. Come enjoy. Late Nite will include free soft drinks, free pizza while it lasts, big music outdoors, rail jam, bonfire and for the first time ever door prizes......even drawing for a FREE season pass - - maybe two- - for NEXT Season!
  • Second - more precip is forecast for Seven Oaks over the next couple days. Some rain or freezing rain but more SNOW too......SO.......DRIVE CAREFULLY TO AND FROM SEVEN OAKS. SLOW DOWN WHEN DRIVING IN WINTER WEATHER. RIDE SMART - - DRIVE SMART. See you on the slopes

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bored??? Then come Board at Seven Oaks

Snowboard: Outdoor recreation, a sport for life, good exercise, fun, can be done alone or with friends and family, sense of accomplishment, a rush, freedom, cool, no phones, calorie burner and the list goes on. At Seven Oaks the lessons are always free! See you on the slopes.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moooooore Snow Comin!

I don't know that I need to say anymore other than Moooooore Snow Comin! The trails already still look good from this weeks warm day time temps but we will always take more snow.

Moooooore Snow Comin! Drive carefully to and from Seven Oaks.

ps. that is NOT me in the pic!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where do I start?

Should I start with telling you Seven Oaks is close to becoming a "hot spot" for high speed internet so you can bring your laptop to the lodge and work while the family plays.....or play while you are at work?
Maybe I should start with telling you the weather for riding and tubing should be GREAT tonite when we open at 4 pm. Had a little melt but a long long long way from causing a problem on the slopes.
How about the BIG snow that is being talked about for this weekend. Won't that be awesome!
Well, I will just remind you of the Late Niter NEXT Saturday March 3 with a whole lot of specials planned.......including some door prizes.
Maybe I should have started with a big Happy Birthday wish to our granddaughter Kenzie!
Anybody want more pics in my blog postings?

Monday, February 19, 2007

How come I have to work today?...and Late Nite coming!

Presidents Day and I still have to work….. but that’s okay…….I like it.

Yep, we had a great crowd Friday, Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night….whew…some of us are tired but man oh man was it fun and the conditions were awesome.

Having a warm spell, which while we don’t necessarily love, we can go a long time with these 40’s day time temps. What we watch as much as anything is the night time temps. As long as it goes down at night the snow doesn’t get hurt right away. We are all watching the system that is supposed to arrive this coming Friday. At noon they said on TV that the rain should be predominantly southern Iowa.

Late Nite fun is officially on for Saturday march 3………9:30 pm to 1:00 am. Big bonfire, music rockin’ the slopes, free pizza (while supplies last) and Pepsi products, and looking to put together a rail jam. More as it develops.

Open today til 6 pm. More schools Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. And hey it’s still only February so don’t be afraid to do the snow dance…..we want more.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Family Reunion at Seven Oaks

We have had a lot of families use Seven Oaks as their central meeting point this winter for their family reunion……taking advantage of the Seven Oaks Family of Four ski, tube and sleep at the Amerihost Inn. It may be something you should consider.

We even have family from Chicago, DSM and South Dakota doing the same thing this weekend.

Looks like MORE SNOW will bless us late tonite which will take skiing conditions from perfect to fresh perfect tomorrow.

See you on the slopes. I think I will reveal the March 3 Late Niter plans to everyone this weekend. Check back.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How many more???

Been asked how many more weeks will you be open……and the answer is ……just as many as the weather allows. The weather and conditions for this weekend appear to be shaping up as an AWESOME weekend. Next week’s forecast looks like great day time temps with below freezing temps each night but not frigid. After that everyone’s predictions include cold nights and slightly above freezing day time temps…..with a few smatterings of snow. But none of know for sure so don’t put off your visit any longer….get on the snow!

Looks like the NEWLY planned Late Niter is coming together for Saturday, March 3. We will keep you posted if you keep checking our web.

Lots of schools still on the books for next week and the week after. We are hosting East Greene and Grundy Center schools today. Another East Greene and Martinsdale St. Marys schools join us tomorrow. Welcome and have FUN.

Open again to the public tonight at 4 pm. REMEMBER WE ARE OPEN ON PRESIDENTS DAY FROM 10 AM TO 6 PM.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We are planning....

What is planned you ask?

  • Well we are working on plans for another Late Nite event ---promises to be the best one we have had this season --- details are still being worked out--- so keep checking back.
  • Seven Oaks is also planning on a GREAT week of winter recreation this week. Got a couple inches of fresh powder yesterday, have a gun running in the park so we can build a bigger hit and the temps for this weekend look like they will be IDEAL so we are planning on seeing YOU.
  • Also still have lots of groups calling with their plans of coming to Seven Oaks yet this winter.....not too late for your group either.
  • We are finalizing the plans for a large corporate meeting, meal and skiing outing next week.
  • We are finishing the plans for installing a big screen with projector in the Lodge.
  • And finally believe it or not we are working on the plans for the April and May moto X and Quad races.

Webster City school group on the slopes today. Open at 4 tonite for the public.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sorry but had a good reason

I can only assume you missed my entry Saturday and Sunday…..sorry but we were pretty busy over the weekend with good crowds riding and tubing….and I forgot.

Weather was awesome this past weekend, especially Sunday….and we are really exited about another fresh snow starting later today. We open Wed, Thur and Fri at 4 pm. I gotta believe the conditions will be superb. Come out and play in our snow!

Put another little roller at the top of Kenzies Korner, a barrel and small box at the entrance to the park and my “spine” at the bottom. More snow, more features…go ahead and give us your input on what else you would like to see. We are consciously not building the really BIG jump as in the past it was used by too many not able to handle it and ended in BIG injuries……..but you can get some serious air on what’s there now largely due to the vertical. I think the rainbow rail should be done this week........we hope it will be anyway.

Friday, February 9, 2007

A “Late Nite” is in my future, is it in yours?

This Saturday night from 9:30 pm to 1:00 am we will be hosting another Late Nite at Seven Oaks. Plenty of music is planned to cover the slopes with tunes throughout the evening. All the weather predictors are still calling for a little snow Saturday night which is what happened at the last Late Nite….and everyone that was present knows how cool it was to ride in the falling snow! ---------------This may be the LAST one so be there to be sure you experienced a Late Niter this winter. We are looking at the calendar to see if we can schedule another but it is too early to tell.

Long range forecast looks sweet for the next two weeks so don’t delay – get on the slopes when the conditions are GREAT…..and it is not too late to get your group (church, 4H, FFA, Greek, etc., etc.) booked for an outing.

West Marshall and Prairie Valley students are on the slopes today. Looks like a perfect day for riding and tubing. Jefferson Scranton had a blast yesterday.

Open to the public at 4 this afternoon….and don’t forget our Friday after Five at Coal Creek Lounge.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Where we put the snow.

As mentioned earlier, snow was made all day Tuesday. We increased the depth of snow on the face of the Drop Zone as there was one place in particular that was thin. More snow was made on the Freeway so it is a minimum of one groomer width wider on the east side of the trail. Some was placed on the top of Abby’s Alley to freshen it up and additional snow was placed in the terrain park so we can get a little creative there with the groomer. Wanted to run longer but a pipe froze that puts water into our holding pond.

Big school group here today from Jefferson Scranton. We open to the public at 4 pm.

Remember we have a Late Niter this Saturday night. Looks like fresh snow may bless the Saturday night event again this time. Watch the forecast.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Nobody likes to look stupid

I don’t know of anyone that “Likes to Look Stupid”…..I know I don’t - - though often times I do look that way. There is an old saying about a guy setting in a meeting that thinks to himself “should I say nothing and let them think me a fool or open my mouth and remove all doubt”.

Coming to Seven Oaks for the first time can be confusing even if you have been to other ski areas. But if it is your FIRST time at ANY ski area you can get lost, confused and discouraged right up front. Well guess what - - everybody had a first time so don’t worry about it. We have tried to post signs to help but additionally you can always ask any question of any Seven Oaks employee – most have Seven Oaks shirts on or are in an obvious working space – and they will assist you. In fact even the people that have Seven Oaks clothing that are NOT employees will probably be able to help you.

I want to add a FAQ section to our web site in the near future but for now let me make these quick pointers:
All tickets are sold at the ticket booth just after you come off the wooden bridge “Carters Crossing”.
If you want a private lesson pay for it at the ticket booth but remember at Seven Oaks beginner lessons are always free.

If you want to tube
You will sign a release when you buy your ticket and proceed to the front of the lodge – look left and you will see the tubes in a fenced in area with a yellow sign.
Pick a tube and proceed to the special tube lift.
We hook you up, you ride to the top, we unhook the tube, you go to the chute you want to slide down and when it’s time you GO.

If you want to rent skis or boards you will get a rental form at the time of buying the ticket (you will need some form of ID – drivers license or student ID for rentals).
Then you go to the building west of the lodge (follow the concrete sidewalk) and fill out the rental form.
Our staff will get you the right size boots and the right skis or boards.
It’s in here that you can let any Seven Oaks staff know you want a free lesson.

Seating, food, restrooms, retail, and Coal Creek Lounge are all inside the lodge.

It costs nothing to watch.

See you at Seven Oaks. Ps. Made snow yesterday. Open at 4 tonite.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hiking and Exploring

A lot of people like to explore the woods while hiking – I am one of them….but Seven Oaks really would like you to explore the woods in the spring, summer and fall and you are welcome to do just that whenever you want. We have 7.2 miles of remote bike and hiking trails you can use. On the other side of the coin however, we would appreciate everyone staying on our groomed trails. Taking off thru the woods on your board or skis can be a bit much for most and hey, if you hurt yourself out there we won’t even know to come lookin for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Got about 1" of snow this morning and we are making snow all day today too.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Late Niter Survey

We have another Late Nite coming up this Saturday, February 10, but I wanted to share with you the thoughts from the 32 people that completed our survey at the last Late Niter (out of 350 that attended).

14 thought a Theme night would be good
15 thought a “live band” in the lodge would be good
19 liked the idea of a DJ
21 liked the idea of some type of contest
23 voted yes for a “park nite” where one price got you ski, tube and board
24 were interested in a food special during the LN
26 of 32 asked for more Late Niters

We would welcome MORE input. Send us an email or comment on the blog. There is time to put it together in February.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Geez I thought they said it was going to be cold!

It's Sunday and still not warm but hey it's February in Iowa. Managed to entertain several yesterday in spite of the temps and wind - tubing, skiing and boarding.....and have people showing up as this blog is being written. We always comptete with the "game" on Super Bowl Sunday - - which will by the way be showing in our Coal Creek Lounge....but it's really up to you as to what you want to do....on the snow or on the sofa.

Here is a pic taken moments ago of a couple guys that wanted to be "on the snow".

ps. plans are to make snow during the day Thursday and the Battleship will be in place before next weekend. Ken promises!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

This explains Iowa

Got this email and took some liberties with it but thought it was pretty funny and true. Here goes -
60 above zero - people in Iowa plant gardens
50 above zero - people in Iowa sunbathe
40 above zero - people in Iowa drive with the windows down
30 above zero - people in Iowa throw on a flannel shirt
20 above zero - people in Iowa have the last cookout - - before it gets cold!
10 above zero - people in Iowa close the windows
zero - people in Iowa get out their winter coats
10 below zero - the Girl Scouts in Iowa are selling cookies door to door
20 below zero - people in Iowa let the dogs sleep indoors
30 below zero - people in Iowa get upset because the mini van won't start
40 below zero - people in Iowa start saying "cold 'nuff fer ya"?
See you on the slopes.

Friday, February 2, 2007

It's Easy to be "COOL" at Seven Oaks

Here's a pic of the 155 Carroll Keumper students enjoying a beautiful day at Seven Oaks yesterday.....some learning to ski..... and some after a little refresher, spending the day on the slopes. At Seven Oaks each school student must demonstrate their ability to turn and stop before they are "passed" by an instructor with authorization to use the chair lift and ski the bigger longer slopes. Skiing is one of the few "sports for life". Maybe when you come back you can bring your parents and teach them to ski.... then for years to come you can ski as a FAMILY. How cool is that? The lessons are always free at Seven Oaks.
But when it's all said and done, the good times skiing must come to an's time to load the bus and head back home....until next time. Thanks for choosing Seven Oaks for your Phys Ed outing!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Good News! No Snow Melted Last Night!

The snow covering the trails and snow tubing are in GREAT shape and we had NO snow melt again last night! Dress warm (layers is recommended) and enjoy the great outdoors. Had a good crowd again last nite, Joel groomed after we closed, have another school this morning at 9 fact we have schools coming every day but two in the month of Feb. Lots of groups still on the books for this weekend....and this weekend starting Friday nite we will feature our signature Oak Smoked Pork Loin sandwich and BBQ Chopped Oak Smoked Pork Loin sandwich. We open to the public as usual tonight at 4 pm. Remember - if you already purchased a lift ticket you can snow tube for an hour for only 5 bucks. Did you see the Super Bowl special on the home page?

photo courtesy of Gregg W. - thanks and everyone can contribute so send us your pics.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Athletes Warm up & Stretch

Whether it is a pro football player or a middle school track athlete - - the coach will have the athletes warm up and stretch before they engage in the sport. Riders and skiers should do the same. A little warm up and a little stretch before you attack the slopes is the smart thing to do. Along the same line if you have not been in the park much, consider progressing thru the features - - start small and work your way up. Don’t exceed your capabilities. We open at 4 tonite. Keep the pics coming Gregg (and everyone else) - - they're great!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What’s in the park?

What’s in your terrain park you ask? Well, we currently have a 40 foot flat rail; a 15 foot C–rail; two 10 foot flat rails; a 16 foot box; a 5 foot box; a 25 foot flat down rail and three rollers --- not to mention the partridge in a pear tree.

Yet to be put out is the 20 foot battleship rail…(come on Steve and Ken give us the battleship before this weekend!)… and we are in the process of designing/building a rainbow rail…….and will be blowing more snow for more rollers and a big table top.

If we get enough snow made I have a couple goofy ideas I might try when I am in the snow cat too…but I don’t know if they have a name or not.
Here's a couple more pics courtesy of Gregg W. (not Greg like I said yesterday) taken in our park.

Monday, January 29, 2007

School Days, School Days

We’ve got a lot of schools coming to ski or learn to ski at Seven Oaks this week and next week. This week on Tuesday is Adel DeSoto Minburn, then South Hamilton on Wednesday, followed by Carroll Kuemper on Thursday and finishing the week with Boone 8th grade on Friday. No ice, No slush, just All SNOW on our trails.

Speaking of groups, we had a bunch join us again the past weekend. FFA from Gliddon Ralston, Ames Girl Scouts, Ankeny Free Church, Mt. Calvary Lutheran, Scout Pack 9, Ottumwa Catholic Church, Holstein Youth Group, Boy Scouts, birthday groups and more all enjoyed tubing, skiing and riding.

Thanks Greg for the pics we posted today. Keep the Seven Oaks shots coming.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Negative temp = Positive experience

Little on the chilly side this morning but we know those that like winter sports will not be detered. Snow groomed out really nice today. And for the beginners, you get a longer ride if you will take the Keaston after coming off the chair and then ski/ride all the way down Abbys Alley to the start of the chair. Lots of school kids coming this coming week for school outings. Details to follow.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Duh! I forgot

Got busy with setting up the Seven Oaks booth in Ames at the Kidz Dayz event and forgot to get today's update here it is. Groomed out last night finishing at about 1 AM. Trails really groomed up nice. Little chilly out today but it hasn't stopped everyone from coming out to enjoy a cold Iowa winter day! Ain't it great! And hey it sure beats the December temps we didn't enjoy.

Terrain park is looking better each week. Lots of features out and the battleship has yet to be placed. We will make more snow there next week so we can have more rollers and jumps for ya'll.

Lots of groups again today. It is NOT to late to book yours. Call Joel or Ken - - you know the number. See ya on the slopes. Sorry no pics today.

Friday, January 26, 2007

"Earn a Merit Badge at Seven Oaks"

Hey Scout Leaders: Did you know we have a "Merit Badge Counselor" for Snow Sports on staff at Seven Oaks? Call Seven Oaks for your troop to earn their winter snow sports badge and ask for Ken…..there is no “additional charge” for Ken.

And Ken is working on becoming a Scout Merit Badge Counselor for “Canoeing” as well. Scouts camp free at Seven Oaks.

Had a lot of folks here enjoying the snow last night.

It’s Friday which means Family Four Pack discounts and Friday After Five at Coal Creek Lounge. See you tonite!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

“Geez I forgot my” AND Thank you

Seven Oaks has a small retail department that carries the “Geez I forgot my” items – gloves, goggles, wax, stocking caps, hoodies, and the like. What could be cooler than to wear a Seven Oaks Hoodie or stocking cap?

We gotta say thanks to our loyal Season Pass Holders. You stand by us, give us great input, believe in us and introduce your friends to the sports of riding and skiing. Seven Oaks thanks YOU for your continued support.

Here are a couple more pics taken this morning of the terrain park. Rollers and jumps don’t show up very well but they are there.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Burn calories while having FUN

Did you know down hill skiing for a person weighing between 100 and 115 pounds burns 7.8 calories per Minute and for a person weighing between 180 to 200 pounds burns as much as 13.3 calories per Minute? THAT IS PER MINUTE! Actual calories burned vary with your individual body weight, the more you weigh, the more you burn. I imagine riding is about the same. Talk about fun exercise for “Lighten Up Iowa”!
Here is my source:

We open tonite at 4 PM.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Seems we have an “Alberta Clipper” in the neighborhood so can look forward to more snow today and NOT 50 degree temps for a week or so. This week’s weather looks to be perfect for skiing, riding and tubing. SUNSHINE again on Saturday and Sunday. Bring it on!

If you haven’t been to Seven Oaks…. YET….. here are a couple pics of the exterior of The Lodge At Seven Oaks……….surrounded by snow. And by the way, why haven’t you been to Seven Oaks yet? Kids specials, student discounts, seniors discounts, family four pack packages, group rates, nightly reduced rates, birthday rates, food, fun, Coal Creek Lounge, lots of seating, great view of the slopes from the lodge……any of those peek your interest?

Coon Rapids Bayer students coming tomorrow morning for snow tubing. Have fun.

We open to the public tomorrow at 4 pm and close at 9. Snow tubing opens at 6 pm.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Old dog learns new trick – “blog”

A few short days ago, I didn’t know what a “blog” was and now I am contributing to one…..daily.
Seven Oaks offers FREE Ski or Snowboard lessons all day every day. These lessons are group style lessons. You may participate in the lessons as long and as often as you would like. Skiing and snowboarding is FUN and we want everyone to experience it.

Wow! What a weekend…. lots of snow, lots of beginners, lots of riders, lots of sun, lots of FUN! Groups from Scout Troop 40, ISU, the Sacred Heart Church, Buena Vista Univ., Y Camp, Boone County Family Med., three birthday groups and several other groups that I didn’t capture all joined in on the fun this past weekend.

Got a lot of good comments regarding the powder that was left undisturbed Sunday.

Closed today and tomorrow as always but open Wednesday night at 4.