Monday, December 17, 2007


WOW, what a great weekend. It was awesome to see so many of you for the first time this season and to meet a whole lot more of you that were visiting Seven Oaks for the first time!

Shut down snowmaking Friday night and then started pushing huge piles of powder. Got Central Park opened and groomed out by 2 AM Saturday morning. Put in a couple of pretty small hits and started adding rails. We will build the hits bigger as the season progresses but everyone needs to start small and slow at the beginning of the season.

Guns got turned on last night at about 6 pm or so and are still producing as of five minutes ago. For sure there is enough made last night (got cold!) to open Kenzie's Korner and Rail Yard this week, with more hits and features.

Have schools here Wednesday and Friday - according to the weather forecast they should have PERFECT ski conditions - low 30's, sunshine and lots of snow.

Keep it white and we will see you on the slopes when we open Friday night. Remember to check out Holiday Season calendar (on our web) for hours and days during the Christmas/New Years time period.


Snowboarder Mom said...

You guys do an excellent job at Seven Oaks. The staff is all very friendly and always willing to help. My son is a snowboarder and what a great place for him. I know that I can drop him off for the day and he will come home tired and with some great stories. Keep up the great work!!!

Seven Oaks said...

Thanks for the compliments. We are very proud of the staff here. We will share your comment with them.

Thanks again

ry the boarder said...

I beleive you should buy some snow guns along w/ the triple lift.. More snow the Better Right... Keep white and keep it tight

Seven Oaks said...

Right you are. I hope someday to see TOO MUCH I wonder what it would look like.!

ry the boarder said...

OH yo... The bigger the better right so i believe you should have small, medium, and BIG jumps. Why start out small winter is just to short in the midwest... GO BIG or Go HOME