Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Now not just White but Deeper

Made more snow on Kenzies Korner last night til the Christmas Party was done tubing then moved four of the guns to tubing where they are still running this morning. Groomed everything last night.....except Kenzie's Korner. Gonna push out Kenzies Korner on Thursday night, build more jumps and set the rest of the features in the park.

Large group of school kids from South Hamilton arrive at 9:30 this morning for a day of skiing. Looks like they will have a beautiful day. Then two more schools on Friday.

Weatherman talks like more snow on Friday night and Saturday. Hey, we'll take it!

Make sure you comment to our great snowmaking crew......they have stayed up all night....night after night making great powder.....Twig, Catfish, Joe, Snow, Steve, Shrek and Joel.

We are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas this Friday at four pm.

Keep it white.


analog lover said...

sounds like some fun shreding! cant wait to ride again. i love seven oaks!!!!!!!

Snowboarder Mom said...

Why are you only open until 6:00 on New Years Eve? We were going to come down with a bunch of families, but we all have to work and it just will not be worth it for only an hour or so. Is there any chance that you will stay open later on New Years Eve?

Seven Oaks said...

I guess we have just traditionally closed at 6 on NY eve. Can be tough getting enough staff to work that night as well. This year there is a private party in the lodge. we will definitely review before next winter. thanks for your comments.

ry the boarder said...

Well it seems as if the snows conditions are excellent in Iowa, Here in Il. it RAINED yesterday and lastnite and melted the SNOW... BuuMMeeerR... But Good news is i'm gonna be in IOWA For 10days so i'm coming up to seven oaks sometime next week.... HOORAAY... SEE U ON THE WHITE....