Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter storm here and there

I know a lot of our patrons around Des Moines and surrounding areas, especially south are getting sleet and freezing rain from last night's and todays storm but fyi - Seven Oaks so far is getting snow. Let's keep it that way!

Temps and humidity caused snowmaking to halt at midnight last night - after about 17 hours of making. Have enough made to open the Drop Zone for this coming weekend.

Comment on the blog was "forget the tubing , more snow on ski-able terrain". My reply is we are trying to do both and in fact are having success in doing so. Committed to having some tubing lanes open for the scheduled Birthday and Christmas parties so we got two of three open Saturday - then we opened the Freeway on Sunday. Added the rainbow rail to Abbys Alley Sunday and we will put a few more features out for this weekend - probably at the bottom of Freeway.

Did you know we about doubled our pond size for more snowmaking water capacity?
Did you know we added 275 pair of shaped skis to our rental department this year?

Keep it white and see you on the slopes.....and here are a couple fresh pics from this morning. First one looking at Freeway and second looking at Drop Zone .

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FreeSki said...

Looking phenom! This is the most open I've ever seen 7 Oaks before Xmas! Keep up the great work!