Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new look

please drop me a note regarding the new web look. if there is something more you would like to see include that in your comments as well. thanks

Friday, April 17, 2009

An overdue update

Staff has been getting in some R&R (skiing, climbing, riding, golfing, traveling and sleeping) since we closed the winter season....... while making the transfer from winter activities to summer activites.

  • In the next couple weeks we should have all the stone applied to the exterior of last years lodge addition.
  • The Friday after Five themes from May thru November have been determined (I'll post it here one of these days.
  • The Lodge at Seven Oaks has been reasonably busy with receptions, corporate meetings and meals, young professional meetings, etc and is about to get REALLY busy soon with after prom parties, graduation parties, weddings, receptions, reunions and meetings. It's going to keep everyone busy.
  • We are evaluating what improvements we will make before next winter to the interior of the rental building.
  • The vans, buses, trailers, canoes, kayaks, tubes are almost 100% inspected for summer use.
  • The paintball fields have been cleaned up; the markers have all been gone thru and the paint has arrived.
  • Big ISU campout is coming up within a couple weeks.
  • 100% of the lodge carpet has been cleaned.
  • A couple roof leaks between lodge buildings have been professionally repaired.........we hope.
  • We are pretty pumped about a new venture involving our river activities but I can't quite reveal what's new in that area......quite yet. Stay tuned for this one.
  • We are investigating a complete re paint of both chair lifts this summer.
  • The patio tables are being set up for this summer.
  • Reservations are coming in regularly for summer fun at Seven Oaks.
  • A new marketing strategy is about to be kicked off.
  • Our web site is again being revamped.
  • Andrew Frost has been added as a full time employee........welcome aboard Andy.

come see us soon..........