Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gladiator 2012 Pics

From the first of 30 obstacles

To the last of 30 was fun.......
And the shower at the end was enjoyed by ALL

Inflatables for the little ones

A huge donation of shoes at the end........
Great music by "Standing Hampton"

Ken, Seven Oaks Area Manager, kills the course in 54 minutes!

Team Seven Oaks.........with Ken being Knighted for his awesome time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gladiator 2012 Huge Success!

Well, the weekend of the Gladiator Assault Challenge is behind us and some of us (not Joel) have had a chance to catch our breath and get a couple extra hours of sleep.  Looking back at the past weekend, it was a weekend of a lot of work but more important, a lot of smiles.  There are tons of pictures on facebook of the event posted by us as well as a lot of the Gladiator participants........but I will get some on here as well.  The pre planning that was put into the weekend paid dividends as the event was flawless.  We know we will be hosting another Gladiator Assault Challenge but not certain as to when.........this fall or again next spring.  Your thoughts on this?  Steve, Ken, Mike, Darci, Red, Ian, Anthony and Aaron .........all part of the Seven Oaks team......each decided to run the course on Sunday as well...........Congratulations to all of them.......and Ken had the best time on Sunday as well...........Go Ken!!

All the obstacles/barriers have been removed and today we'll start removing all the mud obstacles, which should be finished tomorrow.  Get some grass seed down and move on to the next thing on the list.

This weekend is an outdoor wedding followed by a reception in the lodge.  Lots of action in the lodge the rest of the summer.  The river floats, paintball, mt biking and camping is ramping up as well with this great weather we are experiencing.

Congratulations to all our Seniors who graduated.........both from High School and College.  We had a lot of employees reach that milestone in their lives which is good and bad.  Good for them but when they move on to another part of the country.......Bad for us as we will surely miss them from the Seven Oaks team!

See you soon........

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weather Forecast is Awesome!

Is it too good to be true?   From now til Gladiator the daytime highs are predicted to be in the 80's..........and again on Saturday and Sunday of Gladiator.........80's...........WOW..........a week of 80's.............should be a great weekend coming up.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms.........

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Day of the Gladiator is Close!

Spent a lot of yesterday mowing all the acres that will be used next weekend for the Gladiator Assault Challenge.  It was a beautiful day, by the way.  We are ready.  Lists have been made, added to, checked and rechecked many times.  We are ready.  Are you?????

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting Ready

The GAC (Gladiator Assault Challenge) construction team ............9 of them.............arrived Thursday afternoon to begin the process of building the course.  I arrived friday morning to help where I could........and it turned out to be a full and productive day.  The final location for lot of obstacles was decided and construction began........ as well as finished for several.  A person can begin to get a little bit of a deviate mind when thinking about  the design of a challenging course!  I know I am biased but I think the race is going to be awesome..........the way they have it designed and the obstacles they built and are building.  Expect some pictures of the construction progress on facebook.

Went over to the Lucky Pig in Ogden for a good meal later friday night.  I was hungry and they took care of that.  My face was bright red from the day of fact a five year old grand daughter told me she could keep warm from my face........  Belly full, tired........slept very well!

Saturday was another good day.  More features were finished...........and we did a lot of walking on the trails..............I mean a LOT............and it was 85 degrees with high humidity.  Joel and I walked two large sections and then showed GAC our thoughts on the first of two sections...............then this is where I said........bye bye.........I will get the truck and meet you on the east end to give you a ride back from section two.  Man it was hot...........and I was thirsty.  Joel walked this section with the guys...........they made some adjustments as they went ...........and they were hot and thirsty when they got done as well.  The whole upcoming weekend of fun and racing is taking shape. 

Speaking of shape..........I bet I dropped five pounds over two days............If I were to walk those trails on a regular basis I bet I would get in shape..........and I should.....
Got cleaned up about mid afternoon to head into Boone for Austin's ISU graduation party.  What a great young man he is........wish him the best as he finds his niche in life now.  His brother Zach worked at Seven Oaks one ski season a few years back.  Had the opportunity to visit him as well.  Austin has worked in the front office for a few years.........

Had a great group in the lodge Wednesday........the state wide Keep Iowa Beautiful annual meeting spent the day with us.  What a worthwhile organization.  Everyone should do their part in Keeping Iowa Beautiful and Mother Nature wholesome.

Saturday afternoon and evening had an ISU grad hosting a party in the lodge and there is a high school graduation party in the lodge Sunday afternoon.

Boats were on the water friday and saturday..............there was a paintball group on friday and another on saturday and there were campers all weekend as well.

Heading to church in a couple hours then probably chill a big part of today...........especially with thunderstorms predicted for a good part of the day.........

See you at Seven Oaks.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am still ALIVE!

I know it has been a long long time since I bad!  But I do have some updates for you so here goes......

Paintball has been busy........mostly on weekends......and the weather has for the most part cooperated.  Last weekend was a group doing a bachelor party and when they checked in, it was obvious they were going to have FUN.  If I hadn't been busy with other things, they would have been a fun group to watch. 

Last Saturday was the Adventure Race put on by 41 North Racing.  What a great event.  It was overcast and a little cool but it didn't rain on the racers at all.  Some said it was near perfect conditions which makes sense if you are running, biking and canoeing either 40 or 60 miles.  I know we had racers entered from Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas as well as from all corners of Iowa.  It was my first exposure to such an event and I was impressed.  The promoters did a good job planning as was evidenced by how smoothly the day went and the racers had such positive and good natured attitudes.

Of course May 19 and 20 is the Gladiator Assault Challenge which consists of about five or so miles of race course with thirty or more obstacles that the racers accomplish along the way.  There is a parking fee and spectator fee, and spectators are certainly welcome.  Some maybe present as support to a racer or just curious to what the event consists of and of course some may be scoping it out to see if they want to race the next time we host this event.  We will be offering one way chairlift rides pretty much all day, which is a good way to get to the top to see the obstacles that can't be seen from down below.  Live music will start on Saturday at noon, there will be inflatables for the kids and food and beverage will be available throughout the day.  I think this one will be a blast as well.

The lodge has been busy with meetings, tomorrow is the State meeting for Keep Iowa Beautiful......a great and worthwhile group.......and coming shortly will be several graduation parties for kids graduating from Boone, Ogden and ISU......and then the floodgate of weekend weddings, receptions and class reunions opens for the rest of the summer.

Had both canoes and kayaks on the river for the first time this season last Saturday.  It was good to get back into that groove.  Lots are booking their groups outing now as they know how fast Saturdays especially can be sold out.  Little cool yet for river tubes.......but wow, it is May already and Memorial Day will be here before you know it.  Certainly had no river flooding this spring, so we should be good to go.'s the promise........I won't wait so long til I post again.  Will try to post right after the Gladiator at a minimum.  See you at Seven Oaks........