Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gladiator 2012 Huge Success!

Well, the weekend of the Gladiator Assault Challenge is behind us and some of us (not Joel) have had a chance to catch our breath and get a couple extra hours of sleep.  Looking back at the past weekend, it was a weekend of a lot of work but more important, a lot of smiles.  There are tons of pictures on facebook of the event posted by us as well as a lot of the Gladiator participants........but I will get some on here as well.  The pre planning that was put into the weekend paid dividends as the event was flawless.  We know we will be hosting another Gladiator Assault Challenge but not certain as to when.........this fall or again next spring.  Your thoughts on this?  Steve, Ken, Mike, Darci, Red, Ian, Anthony and Aaron .........all part of the Seven Oaks team......each decided to run the course on Sunday as well...........Congratulations to all of them.......and Ken had the best time on Sunday as well...........Go Ken!!

All the obstacles/barriers have been removed and today we'll start removing all the mud obstacles, which should be finished tomorrow.  Get some grass seed down and move on to the next thing on the list.

This weekend is an outdoor wedding followed by a reception in the lodge.  Lots of action in the lodge the rest of the summer.  The river floats, paintball, mt biking and camping is ramping up as well with this great weather we are experiencing.

Congratulations to all our Seniors who graduated.........both from High School and College.  We had a lot of employees reach that milestone in their lives which is good and bad.  Good for them but when they move on to another part of the country.......Bad for us as we will surely miss them from the Seven Oaks team!

See you soon........

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