Friday, June 20, 2008

A lot got finished yesterday

All the steel siding, steel trim and windows were finished yesterday. Once the electrician gets a couple rooms done, the carpentars can get real serious on the interior. Here are a couple pics taken this morning. Matt Hockemeir and crew are doing a great job with the carpentery! Read on......

The portions of walls you see in these two pics that have the "tyvek" exposed will ultimately be covered with stone to match the scheme used on the 2005 lodge addition. More below......

The bridge connecting the parking lot to the lodge will be moved a few feet further north (closer to the parking lot) and a boardwalk will be constructed from the bridge to the new front door that faces the parking lot.
When you go in the front door you will be able to take a left to the men's and women's restroom (each with a shower) or take a right to get tickets purchased and purchase our retail items. You will exit thru the door that is on the west which will take you back to the parking lot, to snowtubing, rental shop or to the slopes.......or you can go straight from the ticket/retail room without going outdoors into the lodge for food, seating and Coal Creek Lounge .
All of the earth on the parking lot side of the lodge will be landscaped. I am always looking for big boulders for landscaping, so if you know of any farm that has some that they have pulled out of their fields, let me know.
Paint ball is still going, the weather is great for tent camping and looks like we are about a week away from resuming the full service river floats. Call today for your reservations. Group rates available.
Seven Oaks has a wedding reception in the lodge tonight, a wedding and reception in the lodge Saturday night and another wedding and reception next Saturday. Tis the season to say "I do"!!
There are still a couple of Saturdays not booked for reunions and receptions this summer so if you have a need for a large group gathering......check out our lodge!
More Later.......
ps. the next Friday after Five will be Friday, July 4!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Post Rain Progress

Had a few weather delays......then shorted a few critical components for exterior work......but the skies are pretty clear now and the needed components came in yesterday so the crew is back at it. In the mean time the plumber and the electrician have started on the interior.
looks like we are getting closer by the day of re-starting the full service canoe, kayak and tube floats. Call to make your reservation today....and the paintball fields continue to be active....just call ahead so we know your desires.
more later........

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Then the west wall and roof was built

Here are a couple photos taken today at about noon. The west wall was erected yesterday as well as all the wooden roof structure being finished yesterday. And now today the roof is being put with all this rain we can stay a little drier!
Thanks for checking on our progress. You can see it first hand this friday night, June 6 as we host the June Friday after Five.......... Jimmy Buffett themed night........ with DJ......... No cover charge........ Normal sandwich and pizza menu............... Volleyball, horseshoes, good times and Hey, I'll be there!

The roof in this photo is about 25% completed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another update

Here are a couple photos taken Saturday, May 31 as the trusses were set in place. Next will be the construction of the west end wall followed by roof insulation and steel sheeting. The west end of this addition will be used for retail and ticket sales. This end will be all knotty pine interior with vaulted ceiling. Fun project that would be even more fun if it wouldn't rain so often.