Monday, March 24, 2008

Slow to melt

Well, the 2007-08 season is finished, things are being converted to summer activities, the phone is ringing with canoe and paintball reservations and the snow on the hill is very slow to melt. Actually with the varying temps the snow is more ice now. One of these days the temps will probably raise with some rain and the water will come pouring down.........we'll see.

Thanks to all of you who enjoyed Seven Oaks this winter. We are excited about the chair lift installation that will take place this summer and be ready for next season. As stated earlier, we will keep some posting on the web showing the progress of the installation.

Remember, there are NO motocross or quad races scheduled for the summer of 2008 at Seven Oaks. We would recommend you check out the schedule at Fun Valley in Montezuma.

A big thanks to Ken, Shrek, Steve and Joel for the many hours and hard work this past winter and to all our team of lift operators, snow making, snow tubing crew, ski and snowboard instructors, the rental shop staff, the food and beverage staff and the NSPS volunteers. What a great group to work with. For everyone's information, several of the winter seasonal staff will be helping some with river floats and paintball groups this summer.

Our Friday after Five's will be on the first friday of each month this spring and summer.

Be safe and we hope to see you this summer.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A quick review

We'll be posting the decision on our web home page for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week today or tomorrow. In the's a quick photo review of our past season.

See you soon,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time WILL tell and its time TO tell

Time will tell this week whether we open friday night and any of Saturday or Sunday this weekend. Temps and precip is not looking to be all that bad so stay zeroed in on the web home page for the update.

It's time to tell Seven Oaks which weekend you want your group to:

canoe and camp

kayak and camp

river tube and camp

paintball and camp

Get your group, your friends, your work mates or your family together for a little bit and pick the date.........then call Seven Oaks with your request to book your reservation.......and remember we really do sell out.......... so the early bird gets the - that old saying dates me.......but seriously, the earlier the better for your reservation. We have been booking river floats and paintball groups for several weeks now. I think we lost the on line reservation piece when we rolled out the new site but we will get it back as soon as possible, but until then just give a call.

......and the Mountain Bike trails will be open just as soon as weather permits, as in when the trails dry out after the snow has melted.

keep it white.......for one more weekend............

Monday, March 10, 2008

It was a HOOT!

Gosh, the weekend was non-stop. Had an ISU House party in the lodge after we closed Friday night and another one after we closed Saturday night.

Snow conditions were surprisingly good for all the ups and downs we have endured over the past couple weeks. Good crowds both days as well.

And then there was the Spring Splash on Sunday afternoon. Grilled burgers and brats were yummy, big music playing all afternoon, and the POND SKIM was unbelievable. Temps were probably ...oh, I would say around 33 degrees. The pond was built almost twice as long as last year (built Saturday night after we closed...thanks Dan for all the help Saturday night). The skimmers were probably around 50 in number.........well the skimmers were about 15 and the swimmers were about 35 totaling around 50! Had so many splash that the tarp was cut multiple times which allowed the water to drain. Had to take a break in the action so we could get another tarp in place, refill the pond and go for ROUND TWO!........with results much like ROUND ONE! Another big thanks to Steve, Shrek and our ski patrol for fishing everyone out of the pond so quickly.......geez it was cold). Is it really supposed to be snowing when you do the spring splash????**!! Thanks to Norm, the entire skim was filmed. We think it will be on you tube within a couple weeks or so. (by the way, I hear Norm is thinking of getting a cool is that for the 30 something father of three!) Even Izzy and Jas took a dip in the pond.....

Keep looking at the web and we will announce the link to you tube when it is ready.

I got to finish my day yesterday skiing with my oldest son, two granddaughters (ages six and five) and my three year old grandson. It was great........but they didn't wait for this old man to ski down......they just left me to fend for myself! What a great way to end my ski season.... snowing pretty heavy and skiing with family.

Well, two schools coming Wednesday of this week........and we are sure going to try to make it work for Friday night and Saturday this coming weekend. Watch the web for a confirmation on whether we will be open again.

If we don't was a really interesting season. Lots of favorable temps and several (I lost track) snowfalls. I know I met a lot of new folks, made a lot of new friends, had a lot of laughs and in my important as anything.....ended with a lot of wonderful memories.

I will do a couple more posts and then wrap up the winter comments til next season....but either on the blog or the web we will keep some progress comments and pics of the chair lift installation this summer........ And remember.........keep it white!

Friday, March 7, 2008

How much snow remains at Seven Oaks on 3/6/08?



Open today at 4, Saturday at 10, Sunday at 11 (remember daylight savings time Sat night)

This may be the last time, this may be the last time.........we are watching the temps and rain forecast for next week.......and will only know after mid week whether this coming weekend is the last weekend for the season. Stay tuned!

Keep it White

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Keep it White

Not that I am superstitious or anything but the snow sure has hung around the entire time I have ended every blog entry with "keep it white". makes me wonder if I quit using that sign off that the temps would raise and all the snow would melt.......nah!

got a couple schools today and a couple more tomorrow here to learn the sport of skiing.

remember we are now NOT open on Wednesday and Thursday nights........but we will be open Friday night at 4 pm. Friday after Five tomorrow but when we are no longer open for skiing on Friday nights, we switch to having Friday after Five on the first Friday of the month ONLY.

Saturday and Sunday are shaping up per the forecast for decent temps. Are we going to get a little snow tonight to freshen up the trails for tomorrow night and the weekend......looks like we might. If you don't want to try the pond skimming, you might still want to come out and watch those that do. It was pretty interesting last March.

We have some more groups on the books for this weekend and I know I have heard several say they were coming to get one more weekend of skiing or riding before it is all gone for a while. I am just like you......we'll have to wait and see if we will be open for any of the March 14, 15, 16 weekend!

Keep it White!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pond Skimming

Now the forecasted temps for Sunday have been dropped a bit. Still above 32 degrees so the games are still on. pond skim, costume contest, grilled food on the patio, drink specials, DJ and getting real close to the end of the season winter fun!.......all this Sunday.

here is the link to last year's skim.........but remember the pond will be longer.

And here is the winning couple from last years pond skim.......

Oh, no, wait that's not right.......these folks were in Jamaica last week. Different pond!

keep it white

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Splash is Sunday

The 2nd Annual Seven Oaks Spring Splash is this coming Sunday.........temps look to be mid forties!

Here is what is planned :
Sunday, March 9
3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Pond Skimming with Prizes (and the pond is going to be longer than last year's!)

Music by DJ “Jay”
Drink Specials

Best Costume Contest
Grilled Burgers & Brats on the Patio

(No rental equipment in pond - lift ticket required to skim)

Remember we are now closed on Wednesday and friday at 4 pm.

keep it white

Monday, March 3, 2008

It's a roller coaster

Man oh Man what a ride with the weather changes. As you all know the temps Saturday were great for being outdoors. Weatherman fooled me a little bit with the cooler temps overnite and first thing Saturday morning.......had to scramble to get everything groomed and ready for opening at 10.........then Sunday morning had everything groomed was already really warm by 9 am when the grooming was done and it got Warmer as the morning and early afternoon progressed........and then the cold front came........we could see about a 14 degree difference in temps from Carroll to Boone as the front moved across.......bringing sprinkles. But we sure had a lot of compliments on the snow considering the temps.

Groomed last night during the night as the cold set in. Only got half to three quarters of an inch of new snow.

Remember Seven Oaks is now closed Monday thru Thursday.

This week- - Open friday night, saturday and saturday night and sunday with the spring splash starting at 3 pm.

keep it white