Thursday, March 6, 2008

Keep it White

Not that I am superstitious or anything but the snow sure has hung around the entire time I have ended every blog entry with "keep it white". makes me wonder if I quit using that sign off that the temps would raise and all the snow would melt.......nah!

got a couple schools today and a couple more tomorrow here to learn the sport of skiing.

remember we are now NOT open on Wednesday and Thursday nights........but we will be open Friday night at 4 pm. Friday after Five tomorrow but when we are no longer open for skiing on Friday nights, we switch to having Friday after Five on the first Friday of the month ONLY.

Saturday and Sunday are shaping up per the forecast for decent temps. Are we going to get a little snow tonight to freshen up the trails for tomorrow night and the weekend......looks like we might. If you don't want to try the pond skimming, you might still want to come out and watch those that do. It was pretty interesting last March.

We have some more groups on the books for this weekend and I know I have heard several say they were coming to get one more weekend of skiing or riding before it is all gone for a while. I am just like you......we'll have to wait and see if we will be open for any of the March 14, 15, 16 weekend!

Keep it White!

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