Monday, March 3, 2008

It's a roller coaster

Man oh Man what a ride with the weather changes. As you all know the temps Saturday were great for being outdoors. Weatherman fooled me a little bit with the cooler temps overnite and first thing Saturday morning.......had to scramble to get everything groomed and ready for opening at 10.........then Sunday morning had everything groomed was already really warm by 9 am when the grooming was done and it got Warmer as the morning and early afternoon progressed........and then the cold front came........we could see about a 14 degree difference in temps from Carroll to Boone as the front moved across.......bringing sprinkles. But we sure had a lot of compliments on the snow considering the temps.

Groomed last night during the night as the cold set in. Only got half to three quarters of an inch of new snow.

Remember Seven Oaks is now closed Monday thru Thursday.

This week- - Open friday night, saturday and saturday night and sunday with the spring splash starting at 3 pm.

keep it white

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