Monday, March 10, 2008

It was a HOOT!

Gosh, the weekend was non-stop. Had an ISU House party in the lodge after we closed Friday night and another one after we closed Saturday night.

Snow conditions were surprisingly good for all the ups and downs we have endured over the past couple weeks. Good crowds both days as well.

And then there was the Spring Splash on Sunday afternoon. Grilled burgers and brats were yummy, big music playing all afternoon, and the POND SKIM was unbelievable. Temps were probably ...oh, I would say around 33 degrees. The pond was built almost twice as long as last year (built Saturday night after we closed...thanks Dan for all the help Saturday night). The skimmers were probably around 50 in number.........well the skimmers were about 15 and the swimmers were about 35 totaling around 50! Had so many splash that the tarp was cut multiple times which allowed the water to drain. Had to take a break in the action so we could get another tarp in place, refill the pond and go for ROUND TWO!........with results much like ROUND ONE! Another big thanks to Steve, Shrek and our ski patrol for fishing everyone out of the pond so quickly.......geez it was cold). Is it really supposed to be snowing when you do the spring splash????**!! Thanks to Norm, the entire skim was filmed. We think it will be on you tube within a couple weeks or so. (by the way, I hear Norm is thinking of getting a cool is that for the 30 something father of three!) Even Izzy and Jas took a dip in the pond.....

Keep looking at the web and we will announce the link to you tube when it is ready.

I got to finish my day yesterday skiing with my oldest son, two granddaughters (ages six and five) and my three year old grandson. It was great........but they didn't wait for this old man to ski down......they just left me to fend for myself! What a great way to end my ski season.... snowing pretty heavy and skiing with family.

Well, two schools coming Wednesday of this week........and we are sure going to try to make it work for Friday night and Saturday this coming weekend. Watch the web for a confirmation on whether we will be open again.

If we don't was a really interesting season. Lots of favorable temps and several (I lost track) snowfalls. I know I met a lot of new folks, made a lot of new friends, had a lot of laughs and in my important as anything.....ended with a lot of wonderful memories.

I will do a couple more posts and then wrap up the winter comments til next season....but either on the blog or the web we will keep some progress comments and pics of the chair lift installation this summer........ And remember.........keep it white!

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