Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time WILL tell and its time TO tell

Time will tell this week whether we open friday night and any of Saturday or Sunday this weekend. Temps and precip is not looking to be all that bad so stay zeroed in on the web home page for the update.

It's time to tell Seven Oaks which weekend you want your group to:

canoe and camp

kayak and camp

river tube and camp

paintball and camp

Get your group, your friends, your work mates or your family together for a little bit and pick the date.........then call Seven Oaks with your request to book your reservation.......and remember we really do sell out.......... so the early bird gets the worm.........wow - that old saying dates me.......but seriously, the earlier the better for your reservation. We have been booking river floats and paintball groups for several weeks now. I think we lost the on line reservation piece when we rolled out the new site but we will get it back as soon as possible, but until then just give a call.

......and the Mountain Bike trails will be open just as soon as weather permits, as in when the trails dry out after the snow has melted.

keep it white.......for one more weekend............

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