Thursday, December 27, 2007

Learning to ski and ride

Thursday, December 27 and our hours today are open at 10 am and close at 6 pm

When and Where did you learn to ski or snowboard? At Seven Oaks, the mini lessons are free and the School Yard is a large area with just the right slope. All the Seven Oaks instructors wear yellow "instructor arm bands" which makes them more visible. Never hesitate to ask them for assistance.
Here are a couple photos of people learning to ski this past Sunday. By the way, mom thought the skis were easier than the board!

And when you are a former ski instructor at a sister area, like in this photo, teaching someone else is a snap! Kinda like riding a bike, you just don't seem to ever forget.

Then after you have got it down, you can take it up, like this shot provided by Ryan. thanks for the photo and if anyone else wants to send their shots we will see if we can get them worked into the blog as well.

Keep it White........more snow in the forecast for tonite and friday morning!

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Anonymous said...

gnarly photos. i like the park this year...