Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Got some - Made some more

Yesterdays system dropped about 2" of snow before it moved out of our area. Got the guns running about 6 pm and they are still running as this is written. Drop Zone and Freeway are getting wider, deeper and whiter. Moved guns to Central Park this morning.

Nevada Schools are the first school for the season to get on the slopes at about 9 am this morning. Hope they like the new shaped skis. If you are still in school and yours doesn't do a winter trip to Seven Oaks, put a bug in someone's ear. When you learn to ski you are learning a sport for life.

You can save a lot of time at the ticket window by going on line right here on our web site and pre-printing/pre-signing the release.

And thanks for the compliments Freeski. I think we do have more snow than ever pre Christmas. Winter 2000-01, we saw a lot of natural snow but we couldn't make as much as we have this season. Let's keep a good thing going!

Looking forward to seeing everybody on the slopes this weekend. We open at 4 pm Friday.

Think White


Extreme said...

any jumps going to be built this year? That would be a great addition to the park.

sexy man said...

yes. i agree.

Seven Oaks said...

We plan to have Central Park open Saturday with rails and jumps...but remember the smart into it...the season is young. The jumps will get bigger as the season progresses.