Friday, December 14, 2007

Cool Comments From You Guys

Getting lots of cool comments in the blog from you and we appreciate it. It really gets the Seven Oaks staff pumped to do more and do it better and better.

Here's a quick photo of the Seven Oaks Team attending the summer MSAA meetings and trade show where we attend a bunch of industry-related seminars to learn about current trends in the industry, etc. you thought I was gonna put in a pic of todays snow.........nope......gotta come this weekend to see it yourself!

Wanted to make sure everyone remembers we are rapidly approaching our Holiday Season - - starting December 26 thru January 6 we are open daily. Be sure to check our calendar for the operating hours cause we change them a little bit.

Made good snow all night, will continue to make more today and more tonite.........and it looks for sure that the terrain park, at least Central Park, will be open Saturday morning at 10 am. Rails, boxes AND WE WILL get a minimum of one kicker built....going for two.

Open at 4 pm today (Drop Zone is ready to go and Freeway is bigger than last week), Friday after Five and two Christmas parties tonite.

Keep it white and play safe!


ryan goodson said...

hey is that at chestnut!?!?!?!? i know i have seen that building....

Seven Oaks said...

You are correct. The annual MSAA meeting was held last summer at Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena.

Anonymous said...

Will you guys ever build landings for the jumps, or do you always just plow a takeoff?

Seven Oaks said...

Absolutely is the answer to the comment on the landings. We knowingly start small and then build in this Thursday night a big group will be working the park...building hits, setting rails. Made lots of snow there last night and still making at maximum output right now! Come check it out friday nite or this weekend...but use the smart style!