Monday, February 19, 2007

How come I have to work today?...and Late Nite coming!

Presidents Day and I still have to work….. but that’s okay…….I like it.

Yep, we had a great crowd Friday, Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night….whew…some of us are tired but man oh man was it fun and the conditions were awesome.

Having a warm spell, which while we don’t necessarily love, we can go a long time with these 40’s day time temps. What we watch as much as anything is the night time temps. As long as it goes down at night the snow doesn’t get hurt right away. We are all watching the system that is supposed to arrive this coming Friday. At noon they said on TV that the rain should be predominantly southern Iowa.

Late Nite fun is officially on for Saturday march 3………9:30 pm to 1:00 am. Big bonfire, music rockin’ the slopes, free pizza (while supplies last) and Pepsi products, and looking to put together a rail jam. More as it develops.

Open today til 6 pm. More schools Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. And hey it’s still only February so don’t be afraid to do the snow dance…..we want more.

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