Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where do I start?

Should I start with telling you Seven Oaks is close to becoming a "hot spot" for high speed internet so you can bring your laptop to the lodge and work while the family plays.....or play while you are at work?
Maybe I should start with telling you the weather for riding and tubing should be GREAT tonite when we open at 4 pm. Had a little melt but a long long long way from causing a problem on the slopes.
How about the BIG snow that is being talked about for this weekend. Won't that be awesome!
Well, I will just remind you of the Late Niter NEXT Saturday March 3 with a whole lot of specials planned.......including some door prizes.
Maybe I should have started with a big Happy Birthday wish to our granddaughter Kenzie!
Anybody want more pics in my blog postings?


Anonymous said...

yesl... i really like it when u put up the pics... MAKES ME WANNA COME OUT!!

Anonymous said... are great! I hope the snow dumps on Boone!!