Monday, February 12, 2007

Sorry but had a good reason

I can only assume you missed my entry Saturday and Sunday…..sorry but we were pretty busy over the weekend with good crowds riding and tubing….and I forgot.

Weather was awesome this past weekend, especially Sunday….and we are really exited about another fresh snow starting later today. We open Wed, Thur and Fri at 4 pm. I gotta believe the conditions will be superb. Come out and play in our snow!

Put another little roller at the top of Kenzies Korner, a barrel and small box at the entrance to the park and my “spine” at the bottom. More snow, more features…go ahead and give us your input on what else you would like to see. We are consciously not building the really BIG jump as in the past it was used by too many not able to handle it and ended in BIG injuries……..but you can get some serious air on what’s there now largely due to the vertical. I think the rainbow rail should be done this week........we hope it will be anyway.

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