Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Nobody likes to look stupid

I don’t know of anyone that “Likes to Look Stupid”…..I know I don’t - - though often times I do look that way. There is an old saying about a guy setting in a meeting that thinks to himself “should I say nothing and let them think me a fool or open my mouth and remove all doubt”.

Coming to Seven Oaks for the first time can be confusing even if you have been to other ski areas. But if it is your FIRST time at ANY ski area you can get lost, confused and discouraged right up front. Well guess what - - everybody had a first time so don’t worry about it. We have tried to post signs to help but additionally you can always ask any question of any Seven Oaks employee – most have Seven Oaks shirts on or are in an obvious working space – and they will assist you. In fact even the people that have Seven Oaks clothing that are NOT employees will probably be able to help you.

I want to add a FAQ section to our web site in the near future but for now let me make these quick pointers:
All tickets are sold at the ticket booth just after you come off the wooden bridge “Carters Crossing”.
If you want a private lesson pay for it at the ticket booth but remember at Seven Oaks beginner lessons are always free.

If you want to tube
You will sign a release when you buy your ticket and proceed to the front of the lodge – look left and you will see the tubes in a fenced in area with a yellow sign.
Pick a tube and proceed to the special tube lift.
We hook you up, you ride to the top, we unhook the tube, you go to the chute you want to slide down and when it’s time you GO.

If you want to rent skis or boards you will get a rental form at the time of buying the ticket (you will need some form of ID – drivers license or student ID for rentals).
Then you go to the building west of the lodge (follow the concrete sidewalk) and fill out the rental form.
Our staff will get you the right size boots and the right skis or boards.
It’s in here that you can let any Seven Oaks staff know you want a free lesson.

Seating, food, restrooms, retail, and Coal Creek Lounge are all inside the lodge.

It costs nothing to watch.

See you at Seven Oaks. Ps. Made snow yesterday. Open at 4 tonite.

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