Monday, February 5, 2007

Late Niter Survey

We have another Late Nite coming up this Saturday, February 10, but I wanted to share with you the thoughts from the 32 people that completed our survey at the last Late Niter (out of 350 that attended).

14 thought a Theme night would be good
15 thought a “live band” in the lodge would be good
19 liked the idea of a DJ
21 liked the idea of some type of contest
23 voted yes for a “park nite” where one price got you ski, tube and board
24 were interested in a food special during the LN
26 of 32 asked for more Late Niters

We would welcome MORE input. Send us an email or comment on the blog. There is time to put it together in February.


Anonymous said...

Those all sound like good ideas, but personally, I wouldn't be coming out there to see a band and the lodge can be a little crowded at times. I think some sort of theme night or a contest would be fun...did you guys have something in mind? Food specials are always welcome too, though. :) I'm guessing that "park nite" would go over well with non-season pass holders. Really, I don't think people will be disappointed with any of those options, but I definitely vote for food, theme, or contest. I don't know if blogs are supposed to be this long, but whatev...:) Yay for snow!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, definitely more late about Jimmy Buffett night or Hawaiian night (not that we want to encourage warm weather) with a limbo contest...or even a reverse limbo contest (ollie over the bar?)...just throwin' some ideas out there since I obviously don't have enough to do at work

Seven Oaks said...

Thanks for the input. That's exactly what we were looking for.
Anyone else?

Anonymous said...