Monday, March 12, 2007

Ended the Season with a SPLASH

Been a while since I updated the here goes. With the temps what they are today and tomorrow following the temps we saw over the weekend, we will very PROBABLY NOT re open for any more riding or tubing this season.

It was a great year in spite of the great challenges mother nature presented. December - warm and no snow. January begins with rain on New Years Eve and New Years Day so closed then. Had the FRIGID temps weekend in February then more sleet, rain and ice in February followed by the two biggest snow falls of the season in back to back weeks. Ended Sunday March 11 with good conditions and 60 degrees. Thru it all we worked hard to give the best conditions possible and are proud of what we were able to do.
A big thanks to our season pass holders and all of you that came as individuals, families and groups to have fun at Seven Oaks this winter.

Another big thanks to the Great Seven Oaks Winter Staff (ski and tubing lift operators, food service staff, ski and board instructors, rental staff, bar staff, snow making staff), the Seven Oaks Ski Patrol for a successful winter.

And let me publicly thank Joel, Steve and Ken who make everything happen behind the scenes and put in soooo many hours to pull off a successful season.
Saturday was Halloween day and if you were on site you saw a big part of the staff in their Halloween costumes.
Then yesterday we were coerced into having our first ever Spring Splash! Here are some photos of the event.

We are looking forward to next winter but right now .....Paintball, Canoe, Kayak, River Tube, Tent Camping, Mountain bike riding, Mt bike races and Moto X are now on our minds. See you at Seven Oaks and thanks again for visiting us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the hard work and for the non-stop winter fun - love it!! Seven Oaks rocks my world! :) Who says you can't ski/snowboard in Iowa?! And yay for pond-skimming! I challenge Steve and Joel to try it next year. :) Anyway, see ya next winter, if not sooner. Happy St. Patty's Day (a few days early)!!!

Anonymous said...

do you know anthing about the 2008 spring splash of seven oaks?if its a vido or what?