Monday, January 22, 2007

Old dog learns new trick – “blog”

A few short days ago, I didn’t know what a “blog” was and now I am contributing to one…..daily.
Seven Oaks offers FREE Ski or Snowboard lessons all day every day. These lessons are group style lessons. You may participate in the lessons as long and as often as you would like. Skiing and snowboarding is FUN and we want everyone to experience it.

Wow! What a weekend…. lots of snow, lots of beginners, lots of riders, lots of sun, lots of FUN! Groups from Scout Troop 40, ISU, the Sacred Heart Church, Buena Vista Univ., Y Camp, Boone County Family Med., three birthday groups and several other groups that I didn’t capture all joined in on the fun this past weekend.

Got a lot of good comments regarding the powder that was left undisturbed Sunday.

Closed today and tomorrow as always but open Wednesday night at 4.

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Anonymous said...

I think everything looks great you all are doing an awesome job!! We will definately see you all up there in the spring.