Friday, January 26, 2007

"Earn a Merit Badge at Seven Oaks"

Hey Scout Leaders: Did you know we have a "Merit Badge Counselor" for Snow Sports on staff at Seven Oaks? Call Seven Oaks for your troop to earn their winter snow sports badge and ask for Ken…..there is no “additional charge” for Ken.

And Ken is working on becoming a Scout Merit Badge Counselor for “Canoeing” as well. Scouts camp free at Seven Oaks.

Had a lot of folks here enjoying the snow last night.

It’s Friday which means Family Four Pack discounts and Friday After Five at Coal Creek Lounge. See you tonite!


cole wigert said...

you need bigger rails in the park. like the 40 footer, the c rail, and the battleship rail.

Seven Oaks said...

Cole - we have 2 of the three you are requesting.