Friday, June 29, 2012

Seems Americans are getting more serious

From what I hear and what I read, Americans are getting more serious by the day regarding getting their weight under control.  The Governor wants Iowa to be the most healthy state in the USA, people are more conscientious about the fat and calorie content of food and people are exercising more.  I would have to say some of the healthiest Iowans we see are those who have a passion for it is mountain biking.  I am sure the muscles are toned and the calories are burning quickly when they tackle our seven plus miles of single track trails on property.  By the same token a lot of folks are seen walking our trails as well............still getting exercise and enjoying the serene natural setting of our timbered property. Some day we need to walk or ride the trail with a GPS to capture the cumulative vertical climbs one rides or walks on the trail system.

 Another great attraction in Boone County is the High Trestle Trail Bridge that spans the Des Moines River between Madrid and Woodward.  This bridge is equivalent to 13 stories above the river and is over one half mile long.  A very popular NEW attraction to our area.  So if you want to burn some calories, even if it is a mountain bike that you have just rode on the trails at Seven Oaks......or regardless of what activity you just finished at Seven Oaks.....take a road headed south of us and get on the trail in either Madrid or Woodward and experience an easier trail that will take you to the High Trestle Trail Bridge.  You will be glad you did.

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