Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got your Christmas shopping done?

Geez, yesterday we were only three months from Christmas Day.........and last week we officially left summer...........yep, we will soon be riding, skiing and tubing. Only 22 days til our annual swap and season pass sale. A gift certificate might be the perfect gift for someone in your family.......and if it is, October 18 is the day to come to Seven Oaks to get the discounted season pass or browse thru the lodge looking at all the new equipment that might just be the right equipment to purchase for a gift...........shoot, maybe you deserve to buy your own board or skis??

We recently sent out one of our Seven Oaks E-news that had a question worth repeating on the blog. As we get close to ordering our clothing is there a color or are there colors you want us to consider this year? Let us know.....soon.

Groomer - ready for winter
CTEC chairlift - ready for winter
All snow making guns - ready for winter
Riblet chairlift - 80% ready for winter
Snowtubing - 50% ready for winter
Rental shop - 30% ready for winter
Me - 99% ready for winter..........I'm ready to groom!


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Seven Oaks said...

thanks for your input.....

Anonymous said...

Patriotic colors

Anonymous said...

Red! Black! Blue! GREEN!