Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well it's a Heat Wave!

Compared to this mornings wake up temps, this weekend is going to seem like tropical weather...I just hope without the tropical rain. In fact today's temps and tonight's temps will seem balmy compared to this morning. No schools today, thank goodness, but have a large school group tomorrow.

Open at 4 pm today and I am going to give that daily reminder of the Relay For Life Late Nite that will be starting at 9:30 pm THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

Looking at the 15 day forecast looks good overall. Can you believe we are approaching the end of January already. Sure has been great to get all the fresh snow so regularly. We are going to have to start planning the "spring splash" with the pond skimming pretty soon as quickly as the days are marching by.

Here are a couple more pictures taken day before yesterday. Awesome shots!

Keep it White and we'll see you SOON

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