Thursday, January 3, 2008

Free Lessons Available

We decided a long time ago to offer free mini ski and snowboard lessons even tho within the industry most everyone uses lessons as a source of income. (Seven Oaks does offer a paid private lesson if that's your preference). We think that when a beginner pays for a lift ticket and pays for their rental, they will too often NOT take a lesson which will result in a less than desirable first experience, so here are the reasons we offer the free minis:
  • We want you to learn the sport for life.
  • We want you to be safe.
  • We want you to not injure someone else.
  • We want you to come back.
  • We want you to tell a friend and bring a friend to Seven Oaks.
  • We want you to have FUN!

On the really busy days, when all the beginners seem to show up at the same time, it might seem to some that "finding" an instructor to help YOU is next to impossible. Well it's not. We are adding a PA system to the rental building so start times for lessons can be announced. A new sign is being added to better identify the area you should assemble to meet your instructor and start the mini. You can identify our instructors by the yellow arm Bill is wearing in this photo.

And here are a couple recent pics taken of beginners learning a new sport for life.

Keep it White!

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