Friday, January 11, 2008

None versus Wet & Relay For Life

We were all kinda sad that the low pressure system took a more southerly route yesterday giving Seven Oaks no new snow.....but based on the really wet snow that fell in southern Iowa we now think it was a blessing. It was really really wet and heavy snow. Made for some slick roads for a while. So I guess you gotta be careful what you wish for.
Joel said he put his skis on and made a couple runs early evening yesterday and was real pleased with the conditions. He groomed before we opened yesterday and was grooming real early this morning before the school group arrives I gotta believe the snow will be great for riding, skiing and tubing tonite and this weekend. Open today at 4 pm. (Family Four Pack Nite) Some mention of light snow for Saturday but I don't know the details.
Our next Late Nite is Saturday, January 19..........AND we have scheduled a "special Late Nite" for Saturday January 26 as a fundraiser for the local Relay For Life. Tell your friends about both opportunities! More on the fundraiser when we get closer.
New pizza warmer arrived yesterday, now all we have to do is decide where it can be placed.
Keep it white and we'll see you on the slopes.
Ps. remember this Saturday is Scion Days at Seven Oaks......come do a look/see and test drive.


Anonymous said...

Thank you seven oaks staff, this blog is fun to monitor! You folks are very quick on your replies. Keep it up.

Seven Oaks said...

I am going to tell you that we think it's important to reply quickly and NOT that we don't have a life. Thanks a bunch for the comments.