Friday, January 18, 2008

NSPS - Yesterday - Last Night - Late Nite

We are hosting a two-day National Ski Patrol Refresher Saturday and Sunday. You will see a lot of the folks with red jackets and a white cross sking both days and practicing their skills....but I am sure they won't be in YOUR way. When you get a chance, ride the lift with them and find out more about the NSPS and what it takes to be a volunteer patroller......I think you will find it quite interesting.

We have Friday after Five at Coal Creek Lounge tonite........lots of groups coming Saturday (several tonite and Sunday)........and our second Late Niter Saturday night starting at 9:30 pm. Free hot chocolate during the Late Niter, lots of give-aways, bonfire, music and great snow!

If you are a member of a Lighten Up Iowa team this year, check out the number of calories you burn each hour when skiing and riding!

Keep it White, Stay Warm and we'll see you on the slopes!


Anonymous said...

Love the Lighten Up Iowa reference. I am part of that and can't wait to mark down SKIING as my exercise!! Keep up the great work - love coming down there.

Anonymous said...