Monday, January 7, 2008

We're having Fun at Seven Oaks

Dodged the really warm temps over the weekend. I was surprised to hear how much of southern Iowa saw almost 60 degrees and rain. Seven Oaks had maybe 42 degrees and no rain.....but did have some fog Saturday night into Sunday morning. The fog burnt off real quick once the sun peaked over the ridge to our east. What a beautiful weekend we had on the snow. Looking forward to the snow they are calling for mid week.

The Saturday Late Niter was well attended. Again great temps to ski into the morning. I think the Monster give-aways lasted maybe oh .....two minutes! Popular drink isn't it. Seven Oaks did drawings for two lift/rental packages at the next Late Nite (January 19), sweatshirt, T shirt, Pizza and Everyone was present to win!
Keep it White and see you Wednesday night when we open at 4 pm.

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