Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Test Results and More

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We will continue the blog.......and yes, with one of the suggestions we have successfully loaded a counter so we won't have to ask you again.

Have several things to share today. We'll have new long sleeve Seven Oaks shirts and Seven Oaks beanies in stock this friday night. Got another pizza warmer ordered yesterday so we can deliver you pizza (Ryan) faster.
Yesterday everybody pretty much took the day off here, a much deserved break from working 16 hour minimum days for sooooo long. Ken however told me that he was greeted this morning with 10 phone messages requesting group information and several emails wanting the same.....but as quick as he is I bet he is caught up quickly.
A reminder that it only takes 12 people in the group to qualify for the group rate...$10 savings per person for ski and board lift ticket.....$1 / hour savings per person for tubing. Put those discounts on the night rates and you have a great deal. Have you made your group reservation yet? Still time. We have lots of scouts, churches, 4H clubs, etc. on the books but there is plenty of room for YOU and YOUR group.
Decided to make snow last night so got the guns in position, hosed up and waited for the temps to drop. Got started at about midnight and they are still running as of 8:30 am this morning. When it comes to snow, more is better. Also wanted to "freshen" up for at 4 and close at 9.
Bryan Karrick on KCCI is saying this morning Seven Oaks should get 1 to 3 inches tomorrow from the sky. (as cool as his Lab is Bryan should bring Chase to Seven Oaks some weekend so everybody can meet them in person....who knows Chase may want to ride!) That combined with what we are making will make this week and weekend once again awesome conditions.
Mark your calendar for the next Late Nite......Saturday January 19......more on that as we get close.
Also this Saturday, January 12, is Scion Days at Seven Oaks from 3 to 8 pm! Come check out their new models and take a test drive while you are here.
Topics coming up.........Seven Oaks web site, blog in the summer, wireless internet, Relay for Life, Adventure Race, Dragoon River Romp, ......

Here are the pics from this morning. Kinda hard to get a good shot when it snowing so hard!

Keep it White and see YOU soon


Anonymous said...

Do you do/teach telemark skiing at Seven Oaks (and/or rent telemark skis)?

I'm an intermediate skier and read in an airline magazine that the equipment's gotten much better recently and that this is a good way to ski with young kids (since it slows the adult down a bit).

Ryan Goodson said...

I like these updates! :0)

Seven Oaks said...

Sorry, but no we don't teach telemark nor do we have the rentals. I will ask our instructors if they know of anyone who does and reply in the blog with my findings.

Seven Oaks said...

Update with regard to the telemark questions. So far I am striking out. Those I have asked so far do not know of anyone who teaches or rents equipment. If I find a source, I will update the blog comment again. Sorry