Monday, January 28, 2008

It couldn't have been more....

....PERFECT this past weekend. Temps, wind, and snow conditions were awesome. Some areas got a little busy a couple hours........we apologize for that but I didn't see anyone NOT having fun. Certainly looking forward to next season already with the additional triple seat chair lift installed, more small snowboards in rental, hopefully more restrooms...... and we hope to have more snowtubes with another lane for tubing......making FOUR super chutes!

The Relay for Life benefit Late Niter was a good time last Saturday night. Hope those folks were pleased and willing to consider it again next season.

I have commented for several weekends now that I am just amazed with the percentage of visitors that go straight from rental to the beginner school yard........meaning for the most part ....they are about to learn a new sport for life.

Have school groups Monday (today), then Wednesday and again Friday of this week. Looks like the weather is going to be all over the map during the next seven days too. Really warm today (by the way we didn't even have melting in the parking lot to speak of yesterday) then turning colder with some snow and wind on Tuesday and finally leveling with great temps mid week and next weekend.

If anyone wants to buy a constrictor, give me a holler, I know a guy that has them...lots of them...even got to see him Saturday night for the first time this season. He travels the world as frequent as I travel to Seven Oaks!

Had a lot of birthday parties for kids from all over this weekend. I even had the chance of giving some of the birthday party little brothers, sisters and cousins their first chairlift ride (with parents).....and who knows they are probably going to be on the snow in a year or two. Start young!

Spent a lot of time in the park early Sunday morning working all the approaches and the landings. Joel said he was going to move some of them this week after it cools down make them all fresh.

We have our last regularly scheduled Late Nite in two weeks, Saturday February 9.

Congratulations Nick on a successful rail jam in DSM Saturday night. (Nick is a passionate rider that gives lessons at Seven Oaks on weekends) (nice guy too) I'm sure it was nerve racking getting it scheduled, organized and all but having the first one under your belt will make the second one easier. Seven Oaks was pleased to supply a couple rails for the event. Thanks also to Ken (our ticket master and awesome boarder who used to instruct at Seven Oaks before he got stuck in the ticket window!) for helping Nick with the event. Here are a couple links to a video from the jam.

For those moms with small ones, we have a baby changing station that will be installed in the Women's restroom this week. We would put one in the Men's too if there was room. Hope it helps.

Have a great day and we will see you when we open Wednesday at 4. Oh yeah, and Keep it White!


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what are constrictors?

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