Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Was Right With Regard To My Snow Forecast

The system moved into Seven Oaks around mid morning Monday and dwelled there all day, all through Monday night into early Tuesday morning leaving about 4 to 6" of white powder on all the trails. Did I predict it or what! Here is a photo proving it.

The guns were moved every couple hours to get coverage EVERYWHERE!
I may have to do another blog today with some close up pics just to show everyone the absolute POWDER that was made!

And here are a couple of cool pics from last weekend Scion Snow Days at Seven Oaks! Keep it white and we'll see you Wednesday night at 4 pm. Oh yeah, looks like snow from mother nature tomorrow and Thursday!


THansenite said...

Yay Scions!!! Every person that was there for the Scion event that I talked to had a blast. Got several new people on the slopes (my fiance and parents) and they had a lot of fun. Two years ago, this Scion event first got me on a snowboard at Seven Oaks. That's all it took for me to get hooked.

Anonymous said...

Will more hits/jumps be built soon? They don't need to be huge, but it'd be nice if there were several small/medium jumps with nice "flow" so that the rider/skier can pick from a variety of lines and hit 2-3 or more small/medium hits in a single run.

The one hit above the rail yard is nice sized, but the landing zone was completely shot. A variety of hits and lines would also keep the landing zones in better condition because traffic would be spread out. Hopefully, it would also spread out all the kids sitting around above the hits/rails/boxes.

The rail yard is a bit flat for landing jumps, so the hits would ideally be concentrated higher up above that area with maybe one or two farther down in the flats for beginners.

Last weekend there were two impromptu hits on skiers left of freeway, but the run-ins were icy bobsled tracks. Still, that was the best option for two hits in a single run.

I appreciate the work you've put into the rails and boxes, but I'm not really into that stuff, so I'd appreciate more hits.

Seven Oaks said...

With regard to the hits. Yes, Joel said he was adding more today...so come check it out.

Seven Oaks said...

Right you are. Everybody that I talked to associated with Scion Snow Days had a blast. ...and I saw several test drives.