Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Web

It's Thursday and the snow is coming. Appears that it will be getting over about the time we open at 4 pm.

Seven Oaks is getting close to releasing our new updated web site. Takes a lot of time to get it together and we hope you will like the new look. We chose to follow the scheme of our printed color brochure. Be sure to let us know what you think when it is on line. New look but same name

And speaking of on line, we wanted to remind everyone that we have wireless high speed in the lodge for those of you that want or need to bring the lap top. Just stop by the retail counter and we will give you the access code.

Old pic - young shredder.

Send us your photos for a shot of seeing them on the blog.

Keep it white....and it looks like that won't be a problem for the near future!


Anonymous said...

you guys should think about getting more lights for next year. it would be so much better if you could really see your landing on the jumps and overall have better awareness of whats coming

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to coming with the family over President's Day! Leaving the little ones with G&G so we can ski/tube. Can't wait to see you all!

Your Niece (SJ)

Seven Oaks said...

On the lighting comment, we did add more lights this fall before the winter season, which helped. The additional chairlift we are putting in this summer will have lights on each of the towers which too will help. I have also contacted Musco in Oskaloosa to ask for a lighting survey and recommendation as they have lit some of the resorts in Colorado. thanks for your comments. Seven Oaks wants to show continuous improvement and input from our customer base helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

where is the new chair going? The conditiond look great in the photo's.
looking forward to coming again this weekend.

Seven Oaks said...

with regard to the new chair location, we think at this time it will be on the west side of the freeway. Next time you are in the lodge we have a few drawings on the wall that shows the approximate location. This is one decision that has to get done right as it won't get changed!

Seven Oaks said...

Hey SJ, we are looking forward to the weekend too. I hope you have your Amerihost reservations made early cause I'm thinkin it's going to be a great three-day weekend. By the way, Rick isn't one of the little ones is he?