Monday, January 21, 2008

I did it again!

Saturday turned out to be a little colder than Sunday but we had decent attendance both days. It was great that the wind advisory predicted for Saturday was cancelled which probably made the biggest difference outdoors. Snow was freeze dried but easy to ride. Everyone made plenty of warm-up visits to the lodge and from what I saw everybody was not only riding smart but acting smart. Met a really neat family that drove up from Fort Riley Kansas to spend the night in the local hotel Friday night and then ski all day Saturday. Said they had heard of Seven Oaks from family that visited us over Christmas break.

Sunday with the sun shining so beautiful gave this old guy the even I went out to ski again. It was beautiful - absolutely wonderful! Temp was about 12 above, there was the slightest wisp of air moving from the south and as I said the sun was full and bright. Got a lot of stares and a couple hoots from the patrol, the staff and those that ride at Seven Oaks on a regular basis cause most of them had NEVER seen me on skiis before. It felt sooooo good. I skied Abby's Alley, Freeway and Drop Zone. Even had Joel make a run with me but I think he got a little bored with my conservative approach and went out on his own to make some runs. I will definitely ski again this season. And I loved the new skis in rental...they were so easy to carve a turn with. I think I will put together a special day for staff and family to have exclusive use of the slopes one day this year...

Wow there is a lot, and I mean a lot, of snow on the trails this year. It is really different to ride the snow versus seeing it from the groomer seat.

We had our NSPS annual on the hill refresher Sunday. I originally thought it was both days but I was wrong......only Sunday. What a great group of NSPS volunteers we have making themselves available to help you just in case you need help. Studying, practicing and testing their required skills over and over. You should thank them for what they do......regardless of the resort you visit. Took a group photo yesterday of the patrol and I think four members were even absent. This is a really big patrol! We started the day with an appreciation breakfast in the lodge, then some classroom and finally onto the snow. Did you know that Steve and Aaron, both employees of Seven Oaks are also patrollers? So if you ever want to know what is required to join the patrol, you can see one of them. Oh yeah, one of the patrollers has the motor home in the background for sale so if you are in the market........

MLK Day Holiday today at Seven Oaks. Open from 10 am to 6 pm. And speaking of MLK if everyone had a goal to change the world to be a better place even 1% of what that man did in his lifetime, what a huge improvement it would be.

Closed tomorrow but have schools visiting. Looks like this weekend is going to be SWEET!

Keep it White and IF I CAN SKI YOU CAN SKI

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skierx said...

The Ski Patrol would like to say thank you for all of the wonderful hospitality and generally putting up with us. The management and employees of Seven Oaks have been very accomidating to our growing needs. We appreciate the new equipment and the chance to practice with it. Maybe next year we can use Rick for some "help" in our "practice" =-) Thanks. Pray Snow!