Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Four to Six

Four to Six Inches of Snow is predicted for our area. Geez, ain't it great! That's on top of all the snow made earlier this week.
Remember this Saturday night is another Late Nite at Seven Oaks starting at 9:30 pm and ending at 1:00 am. We will do more giveaways during the event....shirts, beanies, food, Monster, etc. Music, bonfire, ski, ride, tube, food and drink til 1:00 am.
Want to remind everyone cans and bottles (of anything) are not allowed on our lifts.........for your safety and everyone elses.

Colo Nesco Schools and Grundy Center Schools coming today for their time on the snow. We are freshly groomed and ready for them.

We open at 4 pm tonite and close at 9 pm. Conditions should be outstanding!

Keep it White - see you Tonite

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Anonymous said...

lloooks ammmaaaazzzing!