Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It Keeps On Keepin On

The snow that is. Got another 6 to 7 inches yesterday into the early evening. All Powder too!
This weekend's conditions appear to be picture perfect.........new snow, freshly groomed (except the Eggbeater), sunshine and temps that are going to feel like summer compared to the recent temps!

Closed today but have a big Christmas party tonite with private use of the trails.

Open Wednesday at 4 pm.

This Saturday Night is a special Late Nite at Seven Oaks. Wasn't on the books but we teamed up with the Relay for Life people and have scheduled this special Late Nite as a fundraiser for that worthy cause. Same prices as our usual Late Nite BUT we are asking for a $5 donation from all the season pass holders at this one. Should be a good time. Be sure to tell your friends.

Also wanted to mention effective April the Friday After Five events will be held at Seven Oaks on the FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH. More on that one as it develops.

sorry no new pics today so I will just sign off.

Keep it White..........so far it sure is working!


Anonymous said...

How much longer on the new website??!?

Seven Oaks said...

Good question. I was asking that myself. Soon is all I can say. A full review and critique was done last Saturday. It's coming.....I promise!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited for the new website too!