Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome to February

Gosh it seems as tho the season is moving along at a rapid pace. The conditions at Seven Oaks on this first day of February are awesome. We have a large school group today....and are they ever hitting great weather/great conditions for their outing. Then we open at 4 pm today with Friday after Five in the Lodge starting whenever you get there........or 5 pm.

Have the last scheduled Late Nite in ONE WEEK......Saturday February 9.......and Joel is researching maybe having one more a couple weeks after that.

Looking at the 15 day forecast appears to be decent weather.....seems the frigid cold may be behind us now but of course we will all have to wait and see...but no major heat waves predicted during that time either.

I will try to get some fresh pix this weekend. Haven't posted any since the 7" snowfall last week. I am thinking it might be time for me to put the skis on again soon too.....before February is also gone.

Believe it or not we are now getting lots of inquiries for the summer activities from canoe floats to weddings to corporate outings.......but wait, we still have five or six weeks of skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing!

Keep it White and we will see you this weekend.

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