Monday, February 18, 2008

The WOW Factor

WOW - what an awesome Saturday. Temps, snow, breeze, sunshine, attendance.....all of it was just perfect.

WOW - what a Sunday - Ugly Ugly winds and a little snow with it so we made the call early and closed for the day.

WOW - tried to open today as scheduled and did for a little while but the relentless winds made operating lifts too chancy (is chancy a word?) so we closed. Snow groomed really nice this morning though.

So anyway....

WOW - heard from a lot of you on the blog, via email and in person Friday night and yep we are having another Late Nite on Saturday March 1.......see you there.

more later.

Keep it White


Kate said...

W00T for another Late Nite!!! I'll be there!

Seven Oaks said...

Okay then kate, we will be looking for you! Thanks