Thursday, February 14, 2008

Did ya think I forgot??

I was waiting for pics of the West Marshall school kids to include in todays blog....all 150 of them...since I haven't had any fresh pics for a while.
We open at 4 tonite. Snow was awesome last night.......groomed after we closed...........weekend looks like it is going to be sweet.
We will announce our decision on another Late Nite by the first of next week.

Learning a sport for life!

Look at all the SNOW we have at Seven Oaks!

And the Seven Oaks snow tubing SUPER CHUTES are ready to thrill you too!

Keep it White
ps. happy valentines day


hvac82 said...

the campers always ready for more late night skiing

hvac82 said...

camper is always up for one more latenighter, lets try to get a fire going the next time

Anonymous said...

Have another late night! me and all my friends will be there!

Seven Oaks said...

We'll let you know next week what our plans are......geez, did we mess up and not have the fire at the last one?! Spaced that one off I guess.