Friday, February 15, 2008

Geez Louise......look at that forecast now

Incredible. thought it was going to be FRIGID today and tonite but now we are looking for a high of 17 with bright sun all day today.......and we open at noon today as well........then Saturday is a high of 34 with sun.......that will be absolutely perfect.......and Sunday is a high of 31 with overcast skies........and maybe a flurry of snow at Seven Oaks.........however Southeast Iowa is going to be kissed, they say, with freezing precip then more snow on Sunday. Hey, Seven Oaks will take the snow but we are not interested in the freezing precip.

Expect a normally good number of people tonite for Friday after Five. It is great to visit with everyone each Friday night.......everybody seems to be in a really good mood and relaxing at the end of the work week. Lots of talk about Andrea performing in the lodge NEXT friday night.

Monday is the last holiday for us this winter. We will be open from 10 am til 6 pm.

You know, this winter has all in all been awesome. Got open on December 2 and never closed once due to crappy conditions. Had lots of regular snow falls which has been just awesome. Grooming has been such a pleasure .... leaving the cordouroy each day just waiting for the first patron the next day to put down the fresh tracks.

We are soooo pumped about putting in the next triple seat chair this coming summer.

Had one niece cancel for this weekend, the one from Chicago has a son that broke his hand messing around on Wednesday, I think, maybe no riding for Luke this winter! I still think they should come to Seven Oaks even if they just hang out in the lodge with us......hope you are reading this Steph!

And for those of you at Seven Oaks on Sunday be sure to wish our Outdoor Manager - Steve - a Happy Birthday. I think he will be 23.........errrr something like that.

It's my guess that we have about four more weekends of winter fun at Seven Oaks this season.....but that is just my guess. You know with all the snow we have we will weather several days of warm temps whenever that in fact happens.

Keep it White and make plans to enjoy the tail end of the season when conditions are wonderful this weekend or Monday - Presidents Day.


Anonymous said...

Like it's not hard enough! We look forward to it all year! Maybe I could sneak out and come over myself! Thanks for thinking of us, Uncle Rick! You guys have an awesome weekend! We love you all!


Anonymous said...

You know as well as I do, he would not be content just watching!! He looks forward to this all year (as do we). We know you will have a great weekend! We will miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Are you still thinking about having another late night? I think that you should totally have another. It would be so rad and i know i'd be there along with all my friends. I can't wait for your response. And maybe sometime have a little Seven Oaks comp?... just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Have another Late Night!

Anonymous said...

You bet have another Late Night, I have been out of town on the last two, so I really need another one!!