Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Live Entertainment Friday Night

Mark your calendars for Friday night, Feb. 22nd, to witness Andrea Lee perform live from 6 pm - 8:30 pm at Coal Creek Lounge inside the Lodge at Seven Oaks. You can check out her music at: http://www.myspace.com/ - go to 'search' - 'find a friend' - and enter her email address realeefree@hotmail.com. Click on her photo and it should take you to a player that will let you sample her groovy tunes. We hope everyone enjoys this little "extra" at our Friday after Five.

So what do you think?.......is it going to be nice both days this weekend? Sure looks like it. I gotta tell you that the snow sure did groom nice Monday morning.......in spite of the winds......so I gotta believe it will be great later this week and weekend too.

Yep, another Late Nite on March 1........starting at 9:30 and going til 1:00 am........and we will have the fire out front too!

Our families, I mentioned last week, that was planning to come to Seven Oaks from South Dakota and Nebraska to spend the weekend at Seven Oaks made it in just fine. All of them skied and tubed......even the old guys got it down......but there was a problem getting home. They planned on leaving Sunday evening but with the weather stayed til Monday morning. The family from South Dakota reported in when they got home ....after logging in seven and one half hours drive time for their normal five hour trip. Glad they all got home safe.

Keep it White

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to come soo bad but nooo. mom doesn't let us. Ha ha. Hope everyone had a good time.