Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Season passes

Here we are in February and you might be wondering if it made any sense to purchase a Seven Oaks season pass for the balance of this season....not knowing how much longer the season will be. Well, part of the equation is how frequent you find yourself coming to Seven Oaks now, how much you would come if you had a season pass and you should also remember that we have a great sister ski area program that allows visits to those ski areas as I am going to list below. And remember, several are north of Seven Oaks so their season may go longer than ours.

You can have three visits to these ski areas: Powder Ridge and Buck Hill in Minnesota plus Deer Mountain and Great Bear in South Dakota.

You get half off your lift ticket price at these areas: Wild Mountain in Minnesota; Snowstar in Illinois; Devil's Head in Wisconsin and Sundown over at Dubuque.

.....and you receive a 10% discount at Waynes Ski and Cycle in Mason City.

Think it over and decide if it makes sense for you.

Keep it White
ps. got another 3" of powder yesterday/last night!

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