Friday, February 8, 2008

The next few days......

The next few days look to be fairly active. Here is a quick review.

Today - a large school group comes at noon. We open at 4 pm. Friday after Five is tonite. Two groups coming tonite that we know of. Should see a little melt on the roads and roofs with todays high predicted to be 33.

Saturday - partly sunny day with high of 29. Open at 10 am and close at 9:00 pm........and reopen at 9:30 for Late Nite with free pizza while supplies last - - we close at 1:00 am. There are ten different groups coming Saturday.

Sunday - colder but full sun is predicted. Two more groups coming to celebrate birthdays on Sunday. Open at 11 am (tired from the Late Nite but we'll be there) and close at 8 pm

Monday- another school
Wednesday - another school
Thursday - another school
Friday - we are opening at NOON on the 15th and close at the regular 9 pm.
Saturday - regular hours
Sunday - regular hours
Monday the 18th is Presidents Day - open at 10 am and close at 6 pm

Looks like we will get some sleep in mid march.

Keep it white.......and we will see you sometime this weekend.

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