Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Feels Great

I know, my title might be questionable by some today, tonight and even tomorrow, but in general terms winter does feel great. It is especially great if you are outdoors getting some fresh air and some exercise instead of staying cooped up indoors and getting the winter blahs.

With that said, the winds are predicted to be pretty stiff tomorrow and the temps are going to plummet, so do a double check Wednesday to see if we are open before you venture out.

But the forecast for the rest of this week and weekend after Wednesday looks pretty sweet.....especially Friday thru Sunday...........with some more snow in the Monday forecast.......

Joel did a full groom to capture most of the new snow last night and a little worked in before the wind took it to Missouri. As of moments ago Seven Oaks had received another 3 inches since the snowfall started yesterday.
It is my guess that when we do groom before we open we will try to do a middle of the run only, leaving as much powder for everyone to play in as is possible.

And, when Joel was in the cat last night, he went ahead and built two new jumps on Willet's Way for you to enjoy when we open again.

Here are a couple more pics from Sunday.

see you soon..........

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Anonymous said...

Will you be posting on the blog when you make a decision about Wednesday night?